Thursday, August 7th

Lose Weight and Feel Great Week

Lose Weight and Feel Great week begins on January 5 and continues until January 12. Losing weight — whether it’s dropping a few holiday pounds or beginning a life-changing journey to better health — is one of the most popular resolutions made during the New Year.

If you know someone who is trying to lose weight, you know they need all the support and encouragement you can give them. Here are some tips to help a friend or loved one reach their ideal weight goal.

Don’t Offer Temptation: People go off their diets for a number of reasons and temptation is one of them. Instead of a greasy, fried, fat and salt filled meal or snacks, invite them to join you at a restaurant with a health-conscious menu, or make a meal or snacks together that are heart and weight loss friendly.

Step Away From the Supplements: Don’t give food or diet supplements as gifts, even healthy food, unless the dieter has asked you to pick up something for them. And don’t jump on the latest dieting trend and start advocating it either. Your friend needs to be in charge of their own diet and make their own decisions.

Leave the Judgments at Home: Dieters will sometimes cheat. That’s okay. Be cool. You’re not their coach, you don’t need to monitor their progress. If your friend goes off their diet, that’s their business.

Be a Good Listener: Every dieter experiences plateaus, frustration, and occasionally upsetting setbacks. The best thing you can do is lend a sympathetic ear. Only offer advice if you’re asked. Most of the time, the dieter just needs to blow off stress so they can clear their head and come up with their own solution.

Please Be Positive: Negativity doesn’t help.  Staying positive, even if the dieter slips now and then, will do far more in the long run than criticism. However, striking a balance is also important. Too much praise may have the opposite effect. Be natural, be casual, be yourself, and be a friend.

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Thursday, July 24th

Tying the Knot: Military Style

Men and women serving in the US Armed Forces often opt for a military wedding, making the pomp and ceremony of a marriage ceremony more spectacular with national pride and respect for tradition. Dress uniforms, the wedding chapel on base or a military academy, white gloves, and honor guards with swords, rifles or sabers … these elements create incredible, unforgettable memories that will be cherished for many years to come.

Greeting Card Universe knows how much friends and family want to celebrate a military bride and groom’s special day with Congratulations – Military Wedding cards in select patriotic themes. We also offer unique Military Wedding Bridal Party Invitations designed especially for the occasion of a lifetime.

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Tuesday, February 25th

Couples’ Wedding Showers

The long standing tradition of a bridal shower or “hen party” for the soon-to-be bride, and a “stag party” or bachelor’s party given for the groom are evolving into a couple’s party, also known as a “Jack and Jill” or “stag and doe” party.

Since weddings have grown more elaborate (and more expensive), and for many families, money is tight, a couple’s party usually combines a celebration with raising money to help defray the costs of the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect catering, and the perfect cake.

While some controversy exists—some people perceive a couple’s party as too blatant or crass–for many engaged men and women, asking their friends for help by throwing a creative, fun event as a fundraiser is the only way they can afford their dream wedding. In most cases, a couple “sells” tickets to the event for a certain dollar amount, although if there’s a cash bar, that fact should be stated openly.

Some top tips for hosting a Jack and Jill party are:

  • Be totally up front about the purpose of your party—to help defray your wedding costs. Don’t be coy. Guests should have the opportunity to decide for themselves if they want to participate. Be sure to tell them gifts aren’t expected.
  • Curb your expectations and be reasonable.  Don’t put a high price on the tickets. You’ll get a more positive response if you keep your price within your friends’ budgets.
  • Be classy and avoid falling into the cheap and tacky trap. The goal is for your guests to have fun. A theme might be the way to go. Use your imagination. Offer games and snacks, and conduct yourself like a proper host.

Greeting Card Universe offers our assistance in your quest for wedded bliss with unique Jack & Jill/Couple’s Shower Invitations to help entice friends and loved ones to join you and enjoy themselves at your special event.

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Tuesday, February 18th

5 Uncommon Wedding Party Attendants

We’re all familiar with the traditional roles played by bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, ushers, and a best man, but what does a Coin Bearer do? In honor of every couple tying the knot this month, here’s the scoop on  five unusual Wedding Party Attendants.

Coin Bearer
Particularly in Filipino wedding ceremonies, it’s traditional for a young boy to carry a pillow bearing 13 Unity Coins—a collection of gold and/or silver coins given to the bride by the groom during the ceremony. The coins, called arras or arrhae, are marked with meaningful symbols and can be treasured heirlooms.

Veil Sponsor
Another Filipino wedding tradition. During the ceremony, the Veil Sponsor drapes a veil to cover both groom and bride together, symbolizing his love and faithfulness.

Unity Sand Ceremony Sponsor
A relatively new , the Unity Sand Ceremony or sand ceremony involves glass containers—one each for bride and groom plus an extra empty vessel. During the wedding, the bride and groom pour their individual sands together into the empty vessel, signifying how their lives have entwined.

Cord Sponsor
During a traditional Filipino wedding,  the Cord Sponsor(s) lower a knotted cord over their heads of the bride and groom and leave it resting on their shoulders. The cord symbolizes their new combined life as a couple.

Candle Sponsor
Candle Sponsors are responsible for lighting the candles on the altar, usually at the beginning of the ceremony.

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Tuesday, February 11th

Valentine’s Day Wedding Anniversary

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies—Aristotle

Valentine’s Day (February 14)  is a very popular and romantic time for couples to tie the knot or renew their wedding vows. Why not? It is considered a day to celebrate love in all its forms.

Marrying for love hasn’t always been the case throughout recorded history. Even the concept of a romantic relationship between two people was uncommon until the twelfth century. Even then, many marriages were arranged for reasons ranging from financial gain to increased social status. To do one’s duty was the highest aspiration. As the twentieth century rolled on, marrying for love became the norm rather than the exception.

In the 21st century, as the modern definition of marriage continues to change and grow to become more inclusive, wedding ceremonies and wedding anniversaries continue to celebrate the theme of love.

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Monday, February 3rd

Bridesman and Groomsmaid

National Weddings Month, with Valentine’s Day on the fourteenth, make February the most romantic time of the year! According to the US Census Bureau and, over 200,000 marriage proposals are made and on average, almost 6,000 couples tie the knot on Valentine’s Day!

The tradition of wedding attendants—bridesmaids and groomsmen, maid/matron of honor and best man—has its roots in the distant past. Today, new non-traditional roles have become increasingly popular: the bridesman (a very good male friend of the bride) and the groomswoman or groomsmaid (a very good female friend of the groom). Ceremonies are often progressive than the past, allowing a bride and groom to stand at the altar supported by all their friends and favorite relations  regardless of gender.

We offers the following tips for groomsmaids and bridesmen:

  • Typically, the bridesman will be asked to wear a suit or tuxedo with some element, like a tie or boutonniere, that  ooordinates with the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. A groomsmaid may be asked to wear a tailored suit to match the groomsmen. Be gracious in accepting the outfit chosen for you.
  • Smile and be your most charming self, especially during the reception. Remember, part of your role is to greet and entertain guests when the bride and groom are otherwise engaged.
  • Be helpful and stay friendly with the other attendants in your group.
  • Never be tardy and always cone prepared.

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Wednesday, December 11th

Wedding Bells and Anniversaries at Christmas

A winter or Christmas wedding can be a bride’s most cherished fantasy. Pristine snowflakes, the scents of pine and candles, holly and ivy, poinsettias and roses, twinkling fairy lights, glittering ice jewels, dashing through the snow with a romantic sleigh ride. Adding festive Christmas cheer and holiday enchantment to an already magical occasion makes this a tempting time to get married.

In years to come, when family members gather at Christmas time, the season will be made even more special by the memories of a beautiful ceremony joining two hearts in a winter wonderland.

Greeting Card Universe wishes happy holidays to those celebrating a wedding anniversary at the most wonderful time of the year with special  Christmas Day Anniversary cards.

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Monday, August 5th

Same-Sex Marriage Etiquette

Rhode Island and Minnesota have now joined other states in legalizing same-sex marriage, and the number of gay/lesbian couples tying the knot has increased. Like any other wedding, the guest list and other points can become contentious. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about marriage etiquette.

We’re inviting our friends, but do we also have to invite their children? Plainly state on the invitation that the ceremony and/or reception is adults only. Be polite, but stay firm. Requesting an RSVP is common sense, and also gives you the opportunity to contact a guest who didn’t quite get the message and clarify your wishes.

What about relatives who don’t support our commitment? This will depend on whether you – as a couple – think reconciliation is possible or even desirable. You are under no obligation to invite anyone except those you choose to attend. However, if you want to extend a hand, a wedding is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your love and respect for one another.

How do we deal with well meaning but unwanted advice? Stay polite. Smile and say, “Thank you, that’s a great idea. We’ll certainly take it on board.” As long as you and your partner are in agreement and stick together, you’ll have the perfect wedding for you, not anyone else.

What about guests who have to travel from out of state or out of the country – who pays? It’s generally accepted that guests pay for travel costs, hosts pay for accommodations.

How do we avoid hurting anyone’s feelings when it comes to choosing the bridal/grooms parties? When it comes to the big day, you need people beside you who’ll offer the best support and assistance. Think carefully and make you decision according to how you feel, not out of obligation. Other “special” responsibilities can be assigned to relations/friends you don’t invite to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Greeting Card Universe offers unique Same-Sex Marriage Invitations, Gay/Lesbian Wedding Announcements, and Congratulations cards for the new Mr. and Mr. or the Mrs. and Mrs. who’ve taken the first step toward their happily ever after.

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Tuesday, July 9th

Gay/Lesbian Weddings

With same-sex marriage currently allowed in twelve US states, and public acceptance and local/federal government support continuing to grow, more gays and lesbians are tying the knot with their committed life partners.

Some choose a ceremony at a courthouse or City Hall. Others plan to go all the way with an elaborate ceremony, lots of guests and wedding party attendants, and a big reception. Either way, a wedding is a celebration of love between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Here are a few tips to help your wedding planning and ceremony go a little smoother:

Marriage License: There can be a waiting period of 2-3 days before you receive your license. Once the license is issued, there’s usually a 6-month expiration date (but not always).  Your officiant can also, in most cases, obtain and file the marriage license for you. Ask if you aren’t sure.

Wedding Services: Need a cake, bridesmaid and/or groomsmen outfits, flowers, catering, photographer, venue, planner, band/DJ, or other service for your wedding? Unfortunately, as has sometimes been reported in the news,  not all businesses are gay/lesbian friendly. Ask friends, family, co-workers or even your officiant for referrals to companies that will provide your services with a smile.

No to Man and Wife: The traditional wedding ceremony includes the officiant saying, “I now pronounce you man and wife.” For obvious reasons, this isn’t going to work for a gay/lesbian wedding. What to substitute? You can write your own vows, of course—a popular option—or try going with, “I now pronounce you partners for life.”

Name Change: Some men and women want to change their names after the wedding to signal their new married status and/or add their partner’s name to their own. For the least amount of hassle, first request a certified copy of your marriage license from the courthouse after it’s been registered, then follow these simple directions.

Greeting Card Universe is proud to offer unique Gay/Lesbian Wedding Invitations and if you’re a friend of the brides or grooms, Gay/Lesbian Wedding Congratulations cards because love is about what’s in your hearts, not what’s in your pants.

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Wednesday, February 8th

Some Women Love Getting Carded: Finding Perfect Bridesmaid Cards

If your beau has popped the question and the wedding planning is underway, it’s your turn to pop the question to your soon-to-be bridesmaids. Unlike engagement and formal invitation cards, bridesmaids cards are individual bridal party invitations that are designed just for you and your special, select group. Your bridesmaids-to-be will save and cherish their invitation, and the possibilities for creativity are endless.

Setting the Mood

By the time you start planning your big day (and perhaps for years before the question is even popped), you’ll have some idea of the general theme, size and setting of your wedding. Whether you want a small outdoor reception at the beach or a 400-guest extravaganza in a convention center, the type of card you send to your bridesmaids (as well as the general engagement card, save the date card and formal invitation card) will set the tone for the theme of the wedding to come. Formal wedding cards are traditionally favored by some, but in the last decade more women are choosing to go a bit off the beaten bridal path. From save-the-date magnets to interactive website invitations, the amount of modern flair that you can add to your bridesmaids cards is entirely at your fingertips.


Bridesmaid cards are traditionally sent before the formal wedding invitation card, but  after the save-the-date and engagement announcement. You’ll want to ask your bridesmaids to
“save the date” as guests before you ask them to be in the bridal party, so that when they mark the date on their calendar, they will know if they can be part of the show. It’s also a good idea to give out the bridesmaids cards as early as possible, as airfare and wedding dresses will need to be saved for, in some cases.


Bridesmaid cards come in a variety of styles, colors and even shapes, and most usually come with a secondary stamped envelope to send the reply. Themed cards, such as sci-fi, scrabble or cocktail themes are fun, or you can choose a color or idea theme that matches the future formal invitation card. You can choose an elaborate card and sign your name, or go for a more simple blank card and write your own personal message. Some cards are designed in packs of 5 or 10, depending on the number in your bridal party, while others are sold separately so that you can pick the exact number. In either case, order a few extra bridesmaid cards to cover postal mixups or pen slip ups, just to be on the safe side. Another fun idea is to make a photo card. Inexpensive and easy to duplicate, photo DIY bridesmaid cards are a fun way to send a personalized photo of you and your gals.

Just like throwing a bridal bouquet at a group of wedding-goers, shopping for bridesmaid cards can be hit or miss, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve found the right company and card. If you’ve already chosen a maid of honor, drag her out to a coffee shop to pour over your narrowed-down ideas. Once you have chosen the right design, all that is left is to personalize, seal and stamp your cards.

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