Tuesday, March 17th

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Before medicine became a profession practiced by professionals, when people were ill or injured they relied on unproven methods  that weren’t often very effective and sometimes more dangerous than the disease. Even today, with modern doctors and proven medical techniques, some folks still turn to superstition and folk remedies. Here are a few (for entertainment purposes only, please don’t try them yourself):

Like you, we at Greeting Card Universe are glad we have doctors around to help us get over our illnesses and offer the treatment  and advice we need without having to resort to a frog smoothie! If you appreciate your doctor too, celebrate with unique National Doctors’ Day cards designed for every profession, perfect for clinics, hospitals, health centers and offices.

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Monday, November 17th

Time to Kick the Habit!

The Great American Smokeout® sponsored by the American Cancer Society occurs annually on the third Thursday of November. In 2014, the event will take place on November 20th around the country.

Addiction to tobacco products by one in five Americans is a major contributor to  life-threatening diseases like cancer. Quitting smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipes decreases the chance of illness and preventable death, and increases overall health.

Since smokers are much more likely to quit if they’re given encouragement, the Great American Smokeout® offers a chance to participate in support programs, telephone hotlines and special events held by many organizations. At the very least, it’s hoped that if a smoker stops smoking for one day, they’ll find the strength to stop smoking forever.

Greeting Card Universe offers our respect and encouragement to those who choose to kick the butts! Send your own message of support to someone who’s setting aside their habit with Congratulations/Quitting Smoking cards. Order on-line and we’ll put your card in the mail the next business day.

What Are Happy Shoppers Saying About Greeting Card Universe?
“I am the coordinator of the Military Ministry at my church. We send out cards to our active duty in November along with a gift card. When I went to purchase cards at the end of October the only store where I have been able to find military cards reasonably priced was sold out. I started to panic, but did a web search and came to your site. The card I liked was on sale so I ordered them hoping they would be worth the money. When I received the cards I couldn’t believe it they were beautiful. Much nicer than I had expected. I will definitely be ordering from Greeting Card Universe again. I am a very happy customer.”- DIXIE -November 14, 2014

Thursday, October 16th

National Pasta Day

October 17 is National Pasta Day in the United States, where the average consumer munches through nearly 9 pounds of pasta per year. With a variety of pasta shapes and lots of choices for sauces, pasta is considered a culinary staple as well as nutritious and delicious.

While a popular myth has the explorer Marco Polo bringing pasta to Italy after his legendary voyage to China, the truth is somewhat less fantastic. In 1296, for example, before Polo’s return, a trade in obra de pasta was already well established in Sardinia. So who invented pasta? We don’t know, but we’re glad they did.

Greeting Card Universe celebrates National Pasta Day and National Pasta Month with fun and unique Pasta Themed cards for birthdays and party invitations. Order on-line and we’ll put your cards in the mail the next business day, or if you’re in a hurry, get free in-store pick-up, usually in 1 hour, at many Target and Bartell Drug Stores.

Andiamo a mangiare!

What Are Happy Shoppers Saying About Greeting Card Universe?
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Thursday, May 1st

Teachers Help Make Us What We Are

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
—Henry Brooks Adams

The first week in May is Teacher Appreciation Week, while May 6 is Teacher Appreciation Day. Across the US a, students and former students, as well as school administrators and community leaders, express their gratitude to the nation’s teachers, who shape the future in many ways through the children in their classrooms.

The history of Teacher Appreciation Day in the US begins in 1944, when an Arizona teacher began lobbying politicians to establish a national day to honor teachers. Today, many countries around the globe celebrate a special day for teachers, though most are on a different date.

Teachers work hard, often going above and beyond their normal work hours to ensure their students receive the best care and education they can provide. In honor of teachers everywhere who make such a difference in their children’s lives, Greeting Card Universe offers unique Teacher Appreciation Day cards for every teacher and educator in school so you can send them a special “thank you” for their dedication and commitment to creating a better future through their students.

It’s never too late to thank your teacher! If you need a card in a hurry, order on-line, get free in-story pick-up – usually in 1 hour – at most Target and Bartell Drug Stores.

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Monday, November 11th

World Day of Remembrance

The 3rd Sunday in November is World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. This day, created by the UN and observed globally,  is dedicated to all victims of traffic accidents who have been killed or injured.

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can steal.”
—On a headstone in an Irish cemetery

Remembering loved ones who have passed on helps keep their memory alive. These living memories impact and enrich the lives of family members for generations.

Friends, co-workers, mutual members of clubs, organizations and churches, and other acquaintances should take the opportunity to communicate their memories of the deceased. Families and relatives appreciate getting to know their loved one from a different perspective or learn something they might not have otherwise known.

Greeting Card Universe offers unique Anniversary – Death/Remembrance cards as well as Memorial Service Invitations with compassionate messages and designs to help you offer your sympathy to the family of a deceased  friend on the anniversary of their passing or invite guests to attend a memorial service on behalf of a lost loved one.

SPECIAL: Order 5+ cards, get FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.

What Are Happy Shoppers Saying About Greeting Card Universe?
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Tuesday, November 5th

The Merry Month of Movember

Mustache + November = Movember

To raise awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, during the month of Movember, men grow mustaches for charity and participate in fund raising events in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, South Africa and elsewhere. Participants are known as “Mo Bros.”

In popular culture, mustaches have really taken off in the last few years—not only are more men growing out their facial hair, but mustaches are appearing as design elements on everything from coffee mugs to shoes. It seems almost anything can sport a handlebar these days!

Greeting Card Universe offers ways for you to give support by staying in touch with one of a kind greeting cards for cancer patients with positive messages and encouragement. We wish everyone an excellent Movember!

What Are Happy Shoppers Saying About Greeting Card Universe?
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Sunday, October 20th

Cranky Co-Workers Day

October 27 is National Cranky Co-Workers Day. No matter where you work or in what profession, it seems like you can’t avoid that one obnoxious person in your office who always seems to have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. Whether they’re rude, love to complain, grouchy, or just make you want to bang your head on the desk, the Debbie Downer or Carl Curmudgeon in your office just can’t be avoided.

If you’re really having difficulties with co-worker, perhaps these tips can help.

Send a humorous, light-hearted acknowledgement to the office crank with a Cranky Co-Workers Day card from Greeting Card Universe. If laughter is the best medicine, maybe a chuckle will help alleviate the symptoms of grouchiness. Need a card in a hurry? Order on-line and get free in-store pick up – usually in 1 hour – at most Target and Bartell Drug Stores.

What Are Happy Shoppers Saying About Greeting Card Universe?
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Wednesday, October 9th

National Coming Out Day

October 11 is National Coming Out Day in the United States and in countries around the world.

For many members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community, “coming out” or telling  friends and family is similar to a rite of passage, a claiming of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity. National Coming Out Day spotlights the civil rights issues still facing the global LGBT population and encourages awareness and action.

Greeting Card Universe offers customizable card designs for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals, families, and couples for most holidays and occasions including uncommon occasions like  Coming Out cards. Once you try our unique, one-of-a-kind selections and convenient service, you’ll never go back!

What Are Happy Shoppers Saying About Greeting Card Universe?
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Saturday, October 5th

October is National Roller Skating Month

Ever since the concept of wheels on footwear appeared  in the early eighteenth century, roller skating has become part of world culture. Here are five interesting tidbits from the interesting and occasionally wacky history of roller skates.

  1. The German ballet, The Artist, or Winter Pleasures in 1818 had an ice skating scene which was mimicked on stage by performers wearing roller skates. A couple of decades later, beer halls in Germany also introduced barmaids on skates to facilitate serving thirsty customers more quickly.
  2. The modern quad roller skate was invented by American James Plimpton in 1863. His design permitted wearers to make curves and turns, allowing backward skating for the first time.
  3. In 1983, roller blades—inline skates—begin to be produced. The concept of inline skates with the wheels in a row takes inspiration from an early nineteenth century design which didn’t catch on. One of the earlier inline skate designs was created by Joseph Merlin, who literally crashed a party in 1860 wearing wheeled boots.
  4. Once roller skating rinks were opened to the public in late nineteenth century New York City, the popularity of the sport boomed. Activities began to include endurance roller skating contests in which participants skated around the rink for as long as possible. The last man still on his skates at the end won.
  5. Today, roller skate based sports remain popular including roller hockey, roller derby, artistic skating, speed skating, and trick-based competitions.

Greeting Card Universe helps you let the good times roll with family and friends with Roller Skating Party Invitations. If you’re in a hurry, place your order on-line and roll off to your local Target store for free in-store pickup at most locations.

What Are Happy Shoppers Saying About Greeting Card Universe?
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Wednesday, September 25th

Love Note Day

The fourth Friday of September is designated unofficial National Love Note Day, when husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, and couples  of every age are encouraged to send love notes, cards, and letters of affection to one another.

In the digital age, when e-mail, social media interaction, and text messaging have become some of our primary means of communication, receiving a love letter from your sweetheart is special and unforgettable. Written words in a card or on paper last so much longer than pixels and bytes.

What do you put in a love letter? Whatever’s in your heart. Share your feelings, your hopes, your dreams. Be sincere. You don’t need poetry or fancy language – say what you mean. Take inspiration from your lover and the special connection you share.

Greeting Card Universe offers unique, one of a kind Love/Romance cards to help set the mood – from lighthearted and whimsical to sexy to meltingly romantic, you’ll find exactly the right message to send to your loved one.

Need a card in a hurry? Order on-line, get FREE in-store pickup at most Target and Bartell Drug stores!

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