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Prom For Seniors and Juniors

Go to the prom with me? The important questions facing high school juniors and seniors — who to ask to the prom and will they say yes? This rite of passage can be fun, ot it may cause frayed nerves, but at some point , all teenagers face the issue. According to the sources, girls spend an average of $195 on a prom dress, while prom ticket prices are around $75.  Renting a limo, a corsage, tuxedo rental — prom is an expensive endeavor, but the magic moment only comes once in a lifetime. And when he or she says yes? Priceless. Make special memories even more memorable with Will Click to Read more…

Teen Milestone: Drive Like a Boss

In the United States and elsewhere, a teenager getting their driver’s license allows them to gain further independence from their parents. Once upon a time, this was considered an important rite of passage, another step toward adulthood. More recently, however, the desire for the freedom of the road has changed for some teens. In the last 15 or so years, the number of high schoolers getting their driver’s licenses has dropped. Experts disagree on the cause of the decline. According to a University of Michigan survey, some of the reasons cited for not getting a driver’s license include not having enough time or money, and the availability of alternate transportation Click to Read more…

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