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Spring Is Near!

For many Americans, the thought of spring sounds like relief from a long and cold winter. After months of clouds, rain and snow, it is time for the sun to warm the fields and melt the snow. Spring is the time when families begin to plan picnics in the park and for some cultures, it is also the time of the new year! The first day of spring marks the Persian New Year, also known as NoRooz, a tradition that has been celebrated for nearly 2000 years. NoRooz means ‘new day’ and not only marks the day to start the new year, but also the day to start the life Click to Read more…

St. Patrick’s Day: Honoring a Legendary Figure

On March 17, there is much rejoicing through the world. This day is St. Patrick’s Day and it honors a very great man whose legend has survived throughout the ages. The glories of the St. Patrick’s Day parades that take place all over the globe are broadcasted on television to huge audiences. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and those of Irish decent pay homage to his lasting memory. Of course, the holiday is celebrated by many that are not of Irish decent as well. Yet, despite the large numbers of people that celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, most are not completely familiar with why St. Patrick is considered Click to Read more…

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