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National Read a Book Day – Sept 6

National Read a Book Day paper greeting card

National Read a Book Day is celebrated September 6 each year, and encourages book reading by everyone.

Whether you curl up in a comfy chair with your favorite book, read this summer’s romance on the beach, or get in a few minutes of reading during lunch break, reading is an enjoyable activity for many of us. Surprisingly to those who are avid readers, though, is the fact that 28% of Americans have not read a book in the past year. How is it possible that so many people don’t want to learn, grow, or go on adventures?

There are added benefits to reading. Reading reduces stress and improves memory. Books are an inexpensive form of entertainment, they stimulate imaginations, reduce stress, improve memory, expand vocabulary for young and old alike, and improve focus.

Reading books to children at bedtime is a time-honored family bonding time. While parents very soon get tired of reading the same book each evening (and can recite the book even years later), for children this is an important growth activity. It increases activity in the verbal-processing area of the brain, helps build reading and language skills, and teaches them to transition between an active day to restful sleep.

Ways to spread your love of reading:

Make gift certificates to a book store or online book retailer your go-to birthday gift for all age groups.

Form or attend a book club. Check to see if your library or a local bookstore also offers a children’s book club.

Leave books you’ve already read on the bus, at restaurants, in the break room at work with a note to “Read and enjoy!”

Discuss books at the dinner table.

Switch things up a bit and have your child read you a bed time story once in a while.

Make a visit to the library a regular family event.

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