Wednesday, May 14th

Teacher of the Year

At the local level, most schools reward outstanding educators with an annual Teacher of the Year Award. There is also Teacher of the Year recognition at the county and state levels.

The National Teacher of the Year program has been ongoing since 1952. Those teachers chosen as state teacher of the year make up the pool of eligible candidates from the 50 U.S. states plus U.S. territories. The prestigious professional award is given by the President of the United States.

If you know a teacher who has received an award at any level, send your best wishes with a Congratulations – Teacher of the Year card. Choose from more than 40 original, one-of-a-kind designs. If you order on-line, you can get free in-store pickup – usually in 1 hour – at most Target and Bartell Drug stores.

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Monday, March 10th

Prom For Seniors and Juniors

Go to the prom with me?

The important questions facing high school juniors and seniors — who to ask to the prom and will they say yes? This rite of passage can be fun, ot it may cause frayed nerves, but at some point , all teenagers face the issue.

According to the sources, girls spend an average of $195 on a prom dress, while prom ticket prices are around $75.  Renting a limo, a corsage, tuxedo rental — prom is an expensive endeavor, but the magic moment only comes once in a lifetime. And when he or she says yes? Priceless.

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Monday, March 3rd

Teen Milestone: Drive Like a Boss

In the United States and elsewhere, a teenager getting their driver’s license allows them to gain further independence from their parents. Once upon a time, this was considered an important rite of passage, another step toward adulthood.

More recently, however, the desire for the freedom of the road has changed for some teens. In the last 15 or so years, the number of high schoolers getting their driver’s licenses has dropped. Experts disagree on the cause of the decline.

According to a University of Michigan survey, some of the reasons cited for not getting a driver’s license include not having enough time or money, and the availability of alternate transportation such as a bike or a parent willing to give a ride. Putting off getting a driver’s license appears to be a developing trend.

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Tuesday, January 28th

12 Steps to Recovery

Most 12 step programs run along similar principles, with certain elements tailored to fit the needs of people  sharing the same addiction—to alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, etc.

If you know someone who has an addiction, what can you do? The first step is Encouraging a Loved One to Get Help for Addiction.

As a friend or family member works hard to recover from an addiction and make a genuine life change, they should have the support and encouragement of loved ones to aid the healing process. What can you do to help?

Learn the language of addiction recovery so you’ll gain a better understanding.

Be patient because healing takes time and recovering from an addiction is a slow and steady process.

Listen when your loved one is ready to talk.

Talk to someone or get therapy or counseling yourself. Addiction affects the whole family and at the difficult beginning of the sobriety process, an addict is usually occupied with their own recovery, not your feelings.

When you want to acknowledge a loved one’s milestones on the road to recovery or a recovery anniversary or birthday, or give some encouraging words, Greeting Card Universe offers uncommon 12 Step Addiction Recovery Cards in a number of unique categories.

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Wednesday, January 22nd

Self-Improvement Makes People Feel Better

People choose to have cosmetic surgery to change something about themselves—to correct defects caused by birth defects, trauma, cancer, aging, etc. or to improve self-esteem by fixing a personal flaw.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most common cosmetic surgery procedures are breast augmentation or reduction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction and facelifts.  In the United Stares, more than 14 million plastic surgery procedures are performed each year.

For some, a new year is the right time to start considering a new look. Making a New Year’s resolution for a makeover to look younger or slimmer is fairly common.

If you know someone who has recently done a little  self-improvement, send a unique and personalized Get Well/Feel Better – Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery card from Greeting Card Universe to give them your warmest wishes for their recovery. When the healing is done, give the gift of a smile with a Congratulations – Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery card. Choose from one of a kind designs, order on-line and we’ll mail your card the next business day!

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Thursday, January 16th

Never Too Late to Educate

One of the top New Year’s resolutions made by many people is to get more or better education – such as attending a trade or vocational  school or going to college. There’s no age limit and earning a degree in a chosen professional can help with employment opportunities or be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

According to the American Council of Education, more adults age 25-60 are returning to school looking for the knowledge they need to begin new careers or new business ventures.

Whether someone you know is entering a university, taking classes to earn a degree, or furthering their education, or working to achieve an educational goal, offer them encouragement, support and acknowledgement with Congratulations – College/School Acceptance  cards.

And when they’ve done well, give them a boost with Congratulations – Graduation – Trade/Vocational/Career School cards and let them know how proud you are of their achievements. Many professions are represented including firefighter, CPA, dentist, cosmetologist, medical/healthcare, and much more.

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Monday, September 16th

Blended Families: 5 Things to Know

National Stepfamily Day falls on September 16 annually in the United States. This day celebrates blended families – a couple coming together with their children from previous relationships to form new bonds.  While everyone may have the best intentions, the beginning may be a little rocky. Here are some expert tips to help ease the way.

Negotiate parenting styles before you say I do: Kids will take advantage of inconsistencies and become resentful if both parents aren’t playing from the same songbook. Figure out how all the children will be treated, what boundaries will be set, and stick to the agreement for a much smoother transition.

Keep your expectations reasonable: Take things easy with your partner’s children. Don’t expect them to love you immediately. Respect them and insist on being respected. Talk to them, not at them. Do fun things together, but also make yourself a part of their daily activities. Invest your time and be patient.

Don’t jump the gun: Children crave stability, safety, and security. Sudden alterations like their parent jumping straight into a new marriage with a new spouse and new siblings., can cause anxiety and/or behavioral problems Letting the two families get to know each other first before tying the knot gives the best chance of success.

Every child adjusts to a blended family at their own pace: Don’t get frustrated. Kids need to proceed toward acceptance at a speed they’re comfortable with. Adolescents may have more difficulty accepting a changed household than a toddler. Don’t push, but don’t walk away either. Continue to communicate and show your affection.

Show no favoritism: Giving one child preference over another in a blended family is a recipe for disaster.

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Thursday, August 15th

Back to School

Summer’s almost at an and and children are returning to school to begin another year. Most will be starting a new grade, and some will be attending a brand new school. It can be an anxious time for both parents and their sons and daughters. Here are a few tips to help kids cope:

Be Positive: Don’t get stressed out thinking about things that could go wrong. Instead, think about all the things that will go right when you meet new teachers and other students, and see old friends.

Be Friendly: Smile often. Making new friends is a great way to start your school year. Don’t get down if things don’t go entirely to plan. Having a sense of humor makes school much more fun.

Be Attentive in Class: Listen during the orientation period or to teachers when they go over the rules. Pay attention on the first day of school – you don’t want to miss any information you’ll need later.

Be Prepared: Get yourself organized with the basic supplies you need and be sure your backpack is ready to go the night before the first day of school. That will prevent a lot of rushing around and stress in the morning. Get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast to ensure you’ve got the energy you need.

Be Smart: Try your best, use good work habits, do your homework, and ask if you don’t understand something. You’ll feel better about yourself and about school. And if you have a bad day, give yourself time to adjust to your routine.

Greeting Card Universe offers parents, relatives, and teachers the opportunity to welcome new students with unique Back to School cards and First Day of School cards for kids in grades Preschool to College.

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Wednesday, May 15th

5 Tips For New Grandparents

When a baby enters the family, everyone’s life changes — not just Mom and Dad, but new grandparents find themselves faced with unexpected challenges as well as joys. Here are 5 tips to help Grandma and Grandpa get off to a wonderful relationship with their grandchildren.

Stay Positive, Please: Telling sweet and/or funny stories about your own children will always be welcome. Horror stories, tales of woe, or heavy handed advice, won’t be.

Respect Parents’ Choices: If you expect to be a welcome part of the baby’s family, don’t be overly critical and keep your misgivings to yourself. You raised your children your way. Give the new parents the same  respect. And don’t be offended if you aren’t invited to attend every little event or your suggestions for the baby’s name aren’t taken.

Stay Put: Don’t go overboard by immediately planning to move to be closer to your grandchild. Have an open discussion with the new parents. And don’t jump straight into offering full-time child care to working parents unless you’ve really put some thought into it and decided you’re capable physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Share the Love: In many families, there are at least two sets of grandparents. Prepare to share the time you get to spend with your grandchildren. Get to know the other Grandmother and Grandfather. Be diplomatic, offer compromises on visits or trips, and don’t try to one-up them with bigger and better gifts.

Shopping Sprees Not Required: Don’t go crazy and buy up half the store! Ask the parents what they need for the new baby, and especially what they don’t want. Have an honest discussion. Perhaps the parents would prefer financial assistance instead to help offset expenses. If you don’t know what would be welcome, ask.

Greeting Card Universe’s unique collection of Congratulations on Becoming Grandparents cards are a wonderful way to welcome a family member or friend to this new, exciting stage of their life.

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Friday, May 3rd

Design of the Month: April

Greeting Card Universe is holding a Design of the Month contest!

Each day, Team GCU chooses a Design of the Day – a greeting card we believe shows professionalism, creativity, imagination, and exemplifies our philosophy of “any card imaginable.”

Each winner of the Design of the Day is automatically entered into our Design of the Month contest, and you can help your favorite artist win an iPad Mini or $350! Best of all, each voter is automatically entered into a random drawing for an iPad Mini or $350, too!

First, make sure to Like Greeting Card Universe on Facebook to become a fan.

Then check out the contest – view the entries – cast a vote for your favorite card.

You can vote once each day. Voting is simple and easy – just click on your favorite card to cast your ballot! Voting will remain open until midnight (Pacific Time) May 13, so there’s time for you to spread the word by sharing with your friends and followers.

Winners announced on May 15.

Thanks for voting, and we wish all participants good luck!

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