Sunday, November 28th

Happy Hanukkah 2010!

Also known as the Festival of Lights or Festival of Rededication, Chanukah, or Hanukkah is an eight day Jewish holiday that starts on the 25th day of Kislev. This year, Hanukkah starts on the evening of December 1st and will last through December 9th.

Chanukah customs include eating latkes (potato cakes) and sufganiot (doughnuts) that are deep fried in oil, playing with the dreidel (a spinning top on which are inscribed the Hebrew letters nun, gimmel, hei and shin) and the giving of Chanukah gelt, gifts of money, to children.

We know that as with all holidays, you can’t always be with everyone, nor can you see and share these special holidays with everyone you care about, in person. It has always been our mission to offer you the ability to send your heartfelt messages to your friends and loved ones through greeting cards. With over 600 Hanukkah Cards available at the click of your mouse, you will be able to find the perfect cards to share this holiday season, and you’ll love the fact that your saving both time and money compared to buying cards at your local supermarket.

On behalf of all of our staff and 10,000+ artists, we at GCU wish you and your family a Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah Happy Hanukkah Happy Hanukkah

Thursday, August 20th

Back to School, Back to the Books!

Send a special greeting to someone who is heading back to the classroom – a student, a teacher, a classmate or even a favorite school administrator.

Check out these cute cards…


Back to School            Happy 1st Day of School         No Skating Past It


College or Bust       Your Kid Left for College?!          Welcome Back to School

Just because Summer vacation is over doesn’t mean that the adventures have to end!  Let’s celebrate the start of a wonderful new season of learning, a virtual feeding of the minds 🙂

Tuesday, July 28th

Don’t let Summer slip away…

Hang on to these last few weeks of Summer.  Enjoy them, relish them.  Did someone say relish?  Ketchup, mustard and burgers, oh my!  There is still time for backyard barbeques and outdoor get togethers.   Quickly, plan your event before the nice weather fades away and kids head back to school – BBQ, Pool Party, Backyard Luau, Wine Tasting, Neighborhood Block Party, Potluck and of course Labor Day Party and more.

We’ve got a unique and fun selection of invitations to choose from.


P.S.  I’ll take mine medium rare with extra relish  🙂

Monday, June 1st

Shall we Commence?

Brilliance runs in the the family..

Brilliance runs in the the family.

Commence, commencement…to begin, start, the beginning.  Does it mean the beginning of the ceremony or the beginning of the graduates’ futures?  It sounds so formal, so “pomp and circumstance”.  I guess they go together – “Shall we commence with the pomp and circumstance”.  In any case, graduates of all ages and disciplines will be reaping the rewards of their hard work.  What a special time for the grads and their proud families!  These ceremonies, or commencements, couldn’t be at a better time of year.  Typically held on a beautiful sunny day in June where just about every graduate’s future seems bright and full of wonderful prospects – even in today’s economy.

Your Future Looks Bright

No matter where your graduate is graduating from GreetingCardUniverse has the perfect paper greeting cards for you: Kindergarten, High School, Graduate School, Vocational / Trade school and many more, see all Graduation paper greeting cards.

Hooo Graduated?

Hooo Graduated?

Who?  It could be anyone, not just your kids.

Don’t forget those special graduates like Mom, Baby Sitter, Daughter in Law, Friend, Step Daughter and many other relationships. Step Son, Godson, Wife Congratulations to all of the graduates in the Class of 2009

Good job, well done and a hearty bravo!

That’s it, done, finished.  Uncommenced.  😉


Friday, May 1st

“Mom’s of all Flavors”

“Brother from another Mother”

We’ve all heard the saying and yes, you may not admit it but at some time or another you’ve actually said it, “my brother from another Mother”, it’s catchy.  With the growing number of non-traditional family roles there are many “motherly” relationships to consider and acknowledge in addition to good old Mom like your Mother in Law , Step Mom, Godmother , Foster Mom , Birth Mom , Both of my Moms, like a Mother to me, and many more!

This is a wonderful time to remember not only your own Mom but other special females in your life who happen to be Mothers too, like your
Aunt, Grandma ,Teacher , Sister , Daughter in Law , Best FriendBabysitter , Step Daughter and others

And let’s not forget perhaps two of the most special times to celebrate Mother’s Day, a 1st Mother’s Day and for the Expecting Mother .

Now, some nuggets of advice for those husbands with children.  Don’t think, as my own father does, that because your wife is not your Mother that you do not need to participate in this holiday.  That’s just ridiculous, get over it.  Plenty of cards to choose from to keep you out of the dog house.

A bit of trivia, the creator of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, likely an unappreciated mother of the early 20th century, actually protested the sending of paper greeting cards vs. hand written cards.  She felt it over commercialized the holiday.  We hope our collection of Mother’s Day greeting cards would have pleased the critic in Anna and that she would have sent one to her very own Mother or even the Mother of her other Brother (gasp!)

Ah, just thinking about all the love to be bestowed upon so many Moms in May just warms my heart 🙂
And here is the card I’ll be giving my own mom this year (don’t tell).

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