Thursday, February 3rd

Celebrate Love

Cupid is back, and whether you have a love or love-hate relationship with St. Valentine, his bow and arrow targets a little something for everyone on! No matter where you are at in life, taking the time to celebrate love by sending a card to virtually anyone you cherish, gives you a chance to reflect on all we have to be grateful for.

You’ll truly fall in love with the vast variety of Valentine’s Day cards we offer. Choose to have a little fun with the anti-valentine’s day cards, taking ‘singlehood’ or challenging relationships a little less seriously this year. Or choose to gush with romantic sentimental cards that push the limits between naughty and nice. And who knows, you might even choose to express your love for the first time or offer a marriage proposal in a card.

Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal Card

Our Valentine’s Day cards capture every relationship imaginable, for family, friends, coworkers and kids, as well as several unique categories. Sending a card from these categories will warm the hearts of folks like your friend in the military, your teacher, dentist, doctor, sports fanatic or pet lover – just to name a few. You’ll find cards with indulgent humor or sweet sincerity and all can be personalized with your own message. You may also wish to share a recent photo with our customizable Valentine’s Day-themed photo cards.

Valentine's Day Photo Card

Valentine's Day Card for Teacher

At Greeting Card Universe, we encourage you to celebrate love your way, by sending a card to anyone you care about this year on Valentine’s Day.

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