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Boss’s Day: Top Five Gifts

A holiday meant for employees to show appreciation to their supervisors, managers and bosses, National Boss’s Day takes place each year on October 16th, and is considered as much a part of workplace morale as National Administrative Professional’s Day.

“A good manager is a man who isn’t worried about his own career, but rather the careers of those who work for him.”
H.S.M. Burns

Giving a greeting card and a gift shows  how much you appreciate the person who leads your office. Of course, consult your Human Resources Department if you’re not sure about your company’s rules on gift giving. Don’t know office gift giving etiquette in general? Here’s a good place to start.

And here are the top five gifts suggestions for your boss on Boss’s Day:

  • Stress Ball – These come in many colors and shapes including sports based like football, golf, basketball, baseball, etc.
  • Desk Plant – Even the least green-thumbed boss will enjoy the soothing power of plants.  Instead of cut flowers, give a pot of colorful succulents (“fat plants”) that require minimal care.
  • Edible Gift Basket – For a boss who appreciates food, wine, coffee, chocolate, etc., this is a good choice that can be tailored to fit any budget.  A craft minded employee might decorate and fill a basket with homemade treats.
  • Gift Certificate – What’s your boss’s hobby? His/her passion outside of work? A gift certificate to their favorite spot or a favorite activity always hits the spot.
  • “Of the Month” Club – Instead of another executive toy, sign your boss up for an “Of the Month Club” you know they’ll enjoy. Choices range from beer, cigars, wine, cheese, desserts… you name it!

Whether you want to say a sincere “thanks” or let your humor shine, Greeting Card Universe offers many unique custom greeting cards for Boss’s Day.

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