Sunday, May 8th

National Lost Sock Memorial Day – May 9

Into what dark abyss do lost sock go? Or are they off at a mismatched sock party, laughing at us for continuing our search for them? It is a mystery as old as time — or, at least, as old as socks. Searching under beds or bureaus, inside pant legs, or in the toy box will bring some of these wayward socks to light, but still, there are those stubbornly AWOL socks. So we put the mate into a drawer and hope for the best. After all, the last time we threw away the mate to a lost sock, lo and behold, the lost sock came back.

National Lost Sock Memorial Day is in recognition of your drawer full of unmatched socks. You’re encouraged to open the drawer and either toss the lonely socks, or recycle them into sock puppets, dusters, draft stoppers, or other creative uses. Make it a game for your children to come up with the most creative use of these single socks. But no matter what, give yourself permission to let go of the hope of a sock reunion one day. C’mon — you know that it’s never going to happen. The lost sock is off living a carefree and happy life of its own, as you should be!

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