Monday, February 29th

Jumping for Joy over Leap Year!

Leap Year Birthday Card

Leap years are necessary in order to keep our calendar in line with the Earth’s revolutions. Without leap year, we would lose 6 hours every year. Leap Year happens on those years that are evenly divided by 4, but not if the year can be evenly divided by 100.

A person’s whose birthday is on February 29 is called a “leapling”. It’s a special day with opportunities for making it fun and different than other birthdays! Only 1 person in 1,461 is born on leap year, which makes leaplings unique.

Most leap year babies celebrate their birthday on non-leap years on February 28, in order to keep “loyal” to a February birthday, but some celebrate on March 1.

Some businesses have special or free deals for Leap Year babies. All you need to do is show your ID. A list of some of these businesses can be found at Penny Pinchin Mom

Ways to make a Leap Year birthday party special:

  • Let everyone know about the special day by wearing a t-shirt or hat proclaiming the day!
  • Have a “Leap” party at a gymnastic center.
  • Throw a “sLEAPover” party.
  • Use frogs as a theme. Here’s a starting point for ideas Tip Junkie
  • The party guests can make a list of where they hope to be in four years. Have them seal the list in an envelope with “Do not open until Feb 29, 2020” on the front.

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Be sure to check out Greeting Card Universe’s Leap Year Pinterest Board.

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