Thursday, August 15th

Back to School

Summer’s almost at an and and children are returning to school to begin another year. Most will be starting a new grade, and some will be attending a brand new school. It can be an anxious time for both parents and their sons and daughters. Here are a few tips to help kids cope:

Be Positive: Don’t get stressed out thinking about things that could go wrong. Instead, think about all the things that will go right when you meet new teachers and other students, and see old friends.

Be Friendly: Smile often. Making new friends is a great way to start your school year. Don’t get down if things don’t go entirely to plan. Having a sense of humor makes school much more fun.

Be Attentive in Class: Listen during the orientation period or to teachers when they go over the rules. Pay attention on the first day of school – you don’t want to miss any information you’ll need later.

Be Prepared: Get yourself organized with the basic supplies you need and be sure your backpack is ready to go the night before the first day of school. That will prevent a lot of rushing around and stress in the morning. Get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast to ensure you’ve got the energy you need.

Be Smart: Try your best, use good work habits, do your homework, and ask if you don’t understand something. You’ll feel better about yourself and about school. And if you have a bad day, give yourself time to adjust to your routine.

Greeting Card Universe offers parents, relatives, and teachers the opportunity to welcome new students with unique Back to School cards and First Day of School cards for kids in grades Preschool to College.

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Wednesday, May 15th

5 Tips For New Grandparents

When a baby enters the family, everyone’s life changes — not just Mom and Dad, but new grandparents find themselves faced with unexpected challenges as well as joys. Here are 5 tips to help Grandma and Grandpa get off to a wonderful relationship with their grandchildren.

Stay Positive, Please: Telling sweet and/or funny stories about your own children will always be welcome. Horror stories, tales of woe, or heavy handed advice, won’t be.

Respect Parents’ Choices: If you expect to be a welcome part of the baby’s family, don’t be overly critical and keep your misgivings to yourself. You raised your children your way. Give the new parents the same  respect. And don’t be offended if you aren’t invited to attend every little event or your suggestions for the baby’s name aren’t taken.

Stay Put: Don’t go overboard by immediately planning to move to be closer to your grandchild. Have an open discussion with the new parents. And don’t jump straight into offering full-time child care to working parents unless you’ve really put some thought into it and decided you’re capable physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Share the Love: In many families, there are at least two sets of grandparents. Prepare to share the time you get to spend with your grandchildren. Get to know the other Grandmother and Grandfather. Be diplomatic, offer compromises on visits or trips, and don’t try to one-up them with bigger and better gifts.

Shopping Sprees Not Required: Don’t go crazy and buy up half the store! Ask the parents what they need for the new baby, and especially what they don’t want. Have an honest discussion. Perhaps the parents would prefer financial assistance instead to help offset expenses. If you don’t know what would be welcome, ask.

Greeting Card Universe’s unique collection of Congratulations on Becoming Grandparents cards are a wonderful way to welcome a family member or friend to this new, exciting stage of their life.

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Monday, April 29th

Making Amends

Even between close friends or family members, mistakes and misunderstandings happen.  People get angry and frustrated. Arguments and resentment can result.  Don’t wait to maker amends. What’s more important – the relationship or being right? When you need to say, “I’m sorry,” there are a few simple steps to making a sincere apology.

  • Put aside defensiveness and pride.
  • Avoid the temptation of justifying yourself or explaining what you feel are mitigating circumstances.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions. Hold yourself accountable.
  • Acknowledge the hurt feelings. Don’t let them fester unresolved.
  • Ask for forgiveness and ask what you can do to make amends.
  • Let it go.

Step up, own your mistake,  and let Greeting Card Universe help with unique Apology/I’m Sorry cards that give you a good starting place to speak from the heart. Need a last minute card? Order on-line, get free in-store pick up at most local Target stores, usually within 1 hour.

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Thursday, August 2nd

Greeting Card Universe hits the Target!

I head to Target at the drop of a hat, for just about anything and everything.

If I don’t keep myself in check or leave a trail of breadcrumbs, I find myself in a random aisle that I had no intention of being in with a brilliant idea:  “Let’s redecorate the XYZ room!”

Target has become the ultimate convenience store.  For one stop shopping it is my go-to store, especially for holidays and birthdays. It has home and party décor, gifts and wrapping supplies, and pretty much anything I need. Now I have one more reason to head to Target – Greeting Card Universe’s hard to find and uncommon greeting cards!

Thanks to a new partnership between GreetingCardUniverse, Kodak, and Target, you don’t have to wait the 5 to 7 mailing days for the cards and invitations that youve ordered  on to arrive.  This is a life saver when you’re pinched for time, as I usually am.  Enjoy same day, in-store pickup at select Target stores. For $3 a card and no shipping costs, ordering the perfect greeting card online and picking it up in less than 1 hour.  Um, yes, works for me.

My recent “Meep!” moment:  the end of beach volleyball season for my daughter is quickly approaching.  I wanted to thank her coach for doing an awesome job.  Not wanting to settle for a generic thank you card, I found some “thank you volleyball coach” cards on  They were good, but were indoor volleyball vs beach.  I sent an email requesting some beach volleyball designs.  WHOA!  In less than 48 hours, there were 12 new designs for me to choose from.  Score!

With her last tournament days away, I couldn’t wait for snail mail so I chose the in-store pickup option for my local Target store and picked up my cards the same day.  While in the store, I also got a cute coach’s gift (and decided to redecorate the guest bath).

Now your only challenge will be finding the photo department.  Hint:  it’s usually hidden in a corner near the electronics department. If  you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely want to choose the easy, convenient option, and pick up your special, last minute greeting cards at your local Target store.

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Friday, November 11th

Time to Kick the Habit

November 17, 2011 marks the beginning of the Great American Smokeout, an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society, and held annually on the third Thursday in November.

Smokers are encouraged to kick the habit – either by quitting or making a plan to quit smoking. More than 46 million Americans continue to smoke despite the fact that giving up the tobacco habit brings real health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, reduced risk of coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes, just to name a few.

Smoking is an addiction that can be hard to beat. If you know someone who’s quitting, giving them encouragement and support will help them stay on course to meet their goal. Greeting Card Universe offers encouragement cards as well as congratulations cards for your friends and family who are taking the big step towards quitting smoking.

Thursday, September 15th

Time to Vote!

Hey, everybody!

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Friday, July 29th

Pet Sitting Tips

Arranging a “Staycation” for the
Other Members of Your Family

For many people, at some point during the summer months, they’ll be taking a vacation. Chances are, they’ll be looking for fun in another state or even another country. And they’ll be taking the kids, too, and also other family members… but in most cases, the pets have to be left behind.

While Fluffy and Fido are considered part of the family, cats and dogs are not welcome at many hotels, attractions and resort destinations in the U.S., nor do most pets travel well, particularly if you’re going long distances. For them, staying at home is ideal, but who’s going to take care of your pets when you’re not there?

Two options spring to mind: boarding at a kennel (or if your pooch or kitty deserves even more pampering, a luxury pet resort) or finding a pet sitter.

Most people ask a neighbor or friend to baby-sit the fur kids while you’re away. However, some have to hire a professional pet sitter. If you don’t already have a pet sitter, the best way to find one is through a personal recommendation by a person you know and trust. However, if no one you know can recommend a sitter, how do you find someone you can trust with your spare house key, your valuables, and your pets’ well being?

You can check the National Association of Pet Sitters’ website, an organization for certified, professional pet sitters. There’s also Pet Sitters International, another professional organization. And is a registry bringing owners and professional pet sitters together. There are other on-line options; choose the one that’s right for you. Or check your local listings such as newspaper advertisements or the Yellow Pages for pet sitters in your area.

Remember, before you hire a pet sitter, you must make time to conduct phone interviews, home meetings, and checking references, so plan ahead.

And don’t forget to thank your pet sitter – whether your pets have been cared for by a pro or a friend – with a “thank you” greeting card from Greeting Card Universe. Our selection of fun, funny or sincere cards will send your message of gratitude with a smile!

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Friday, July 15th

Staying Cool on a Cruise

Taking a cruise on your vacation has become more popular than ever. These days, you can find a cruise liner and itinerary to fit every individual, family and lifestyle, taking you to exotic destinations or fun ports of call around the world.

To make sure your cruise vacation stays fun, not frustrating, here are five tips for Staying Cool on a Cruise:

  • Bring a supply of aspirin (or Tylenol), anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea medicine, sea sickness patches, decongestant, cough syrup or cold tablets (if your destination has a cold climate), sunblock, as well as extra batteries for all electronic devices. These things are available on board the ship, but they’re expensive.
  • Don’t forget to notify your credit card companies (including your bank if you plan on using a debit card) that you’ll be traveling, otherwise the company might freeze your cards due to “suspicious activity.”
  • If you’re taking children along, don’t assume the cruise includes babysitting/child care services. Ask before you schedule your trip. Bring the kids’ favorite books, games, video games, etc. to combat boredom if they have to stay any length of time in the cabin.
  • Save suitcase space by packing basic, neutral colored outfits that can be easily accessorized and worn more than once. If you plan to go on excursions, or attend formal dinners or themed events, bring appropriate clothing.
  • Carry all toiletries on-board with you. Luggage gets stacked when it’s being loaded into the ship. If your suitcase is on the bottom, there’s a possibility the bottles will break and make a mess.

More tips for making sure your cruise is enjoyable can be found at Cruise Knowledge.

If you know someone who’s going on a cruise, wish them “Bon Voyage” by sending a greeting card to let them know they’ll be missed while they’re away, or to wish them good luck and oodles of fun. Planning a Bon Voyage party? At Greeting Card Universe, we’ve got the right invitations to make your farewell get-together a smash!

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