Tuesday, May 26th

That Tingling Feeling: Electrifying Congratulations

Regardless of whether your house is on a city power grid or you generate your own power through solar panels, wind, etc., if your house is wired for electricity, at some point you’ll need the services of a certified/licensed electrician.

An electrician  goes through courses at a trade or vocational school, then graduates to further training and on the job apprenticeship under an experienced electrician before he or she can become certified or licensed according to their state’s regulations. Electrical work should only be done by someone with the proper certification—work with electricity can be deadly and should never be attempted by amateurs.

If you have a friend or family member who is graduating from vocational school, Greeting Card Universe has unique, high voltage Congratulations on Becoming a Licensed/Certified Electrician cards made especially by our design community. Just order on-line, add your personal message and – don’t be shock – we’ll put your card in the mail the next business day. Or get free in-store pick-up, usually in 1 hour, at most Target and Bartell Drug Stores.


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Tuesday, April 28th

Kindergarten: Cap and Gown

Children usually attend kindergarten for two years at ages five and six, however some programs allow children to attend much earlier. During this time, children not only begin their education, but learn vital social skills before they graduate to first grade. Kindergarten has a long history—here are a few things you may not know.

Friedrich Froebel, an early 19th century German educator, came up with the concept of kindergarten – a structured program for educating young children. His kindergartens also gave women career opportunities as teachers.

In the mid-1800s, Germans fleeing the many revolutions that had erupted in their states, came to the United States, bringing the idea of kindergarten with them.

The first kindergarten in the US opened in 1855 in Watertown, Wisconsin, in the home of Margaretha Meyer Schurz and her husband. Every major US city had a kindergarten by 1914.

Parents stand proud when their child accomplishes the milestone of graduating from kindergarten. GCU helps you celebrate with special, unique Kindergarten Graduation cards for your boy or girl. Just order on-line and we’ll put your congratulations in the mail the next business day. Or get free in-store pick-up – usually in 1 hour – at most Target and Bartell Drug Stores.


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Wednesday, June 25th

College/University Acceptance Congratulations

Graduating students who plan to go to college or seek further education in Medical or other schools begin making their applications as soon as possible. While it’s easy to search for information on colleges on the Internet, finding the right college can still be a difficult decision to make. Here are some guides to help:

College Search Step by Step
Students can search by category and get answers and advice.

10 Steps to Picking the Right College
Common sense advice for those about to begin their search.

15 Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing Your College
Following this guideline will alleviate some of the stresses involved.

Since the costs associated with college continue to rise, students seeking financial assistance should check the Federal Student Aid website for information.

Students who haven’t applied for college may find 7 Sites to Help Students Choose and Apply to College helpful.

Greeting Card Universe offers our best wishes to  college hopefuls who’ve been accepted to their school of choice with our collection of unique Congratulations – College/School Acceptance cards including specially designed greetings for medical, law, dental, nursing, veterinary, and other categories. Need a card in a hurry? Order on-line, get FREE in-store pick-up, usually in 1 hour, at most Target and Bartell Drug Stores.

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Wednesday, June 18th

Technical School or College?

It’s a decision faced by many young people who are graduating high school and seeking to further their education – should I attend a technical school or college? While a college education typically offers more income potential in the long run, there can be drawbacks that may outweigh the benefits.

To help figure out the answer, answer these questions:

Are you prepared to sacrifice a minimum of four years of your working life to obtain a bachelor’s degree (more time and costs for a Master’s degree or Ph.D.)? According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 59% of students seeking a bachelor’s degree successfully graduate within 6 years.

Are you prepared to incur the financial burden? In the US, the cost of the average bachelor’s degree is over $22,000 and up per year. The debt increases the longer you’re in school.

Are you prepared for the pace of college life? The demanding work load can be brutal and some people are unable to keep up with the required work. If you had difficulty in high school, chances are you’ll face more of the same in college.

A trade/technical school offers an alternative. Typically, a trade school requires two years to graduate with a degree and/or a marketable skill and can cost less than $3000 per year depending on the school. Furthermore, trade school students can apply for scholarships, grants and financial assistance just like college students.

The Federal Trade Commission has more tips on How to Choose a Trade/Vocational School.

If you know someone who’s graduating from a two year school, Greeting Card Universe offers one of a kind Congratulations > Graduation > Trade/Vocational/Career School cards for students studying many different trades from Chiropractor, Legal, Firefighter, Law Enforcement, Medical/Health Care and more.

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Tuesday, June 10th

Graduating with Honors

Whether a student makes the Dean’s List, the Honor Roll, or is the Class Valedictorian, graduating with honors is the result of putting in the work and the effort in their studies to reach greatness. Such acknowledgements are always well deserved.

Honor Roll high school students usually have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher. List criteria may vary from school to school. Membership in the National Honor Society is another worthy achievement.

The Class Valedictorian is chosen by the high school administrators from the student population. Schools have different criteria for how the choice is made and some choose more than one.  The Class Valedictorian gives the commencement speech at graduation.

The Dean’s List generally honors college students who have achieved high academic marks. During graduation, students who have made the Dean’s List at least once are recognized at the ceremony.

If you know a student who is graduating with honors, send them a unique Congratulations/Academic Achievement card designed especially for those who have earned their success through setting goals, showing leadership and other skills, and studying hard to reach their potential.

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Tuesday, April 15th

Dental School Graduates Hooding Ceremony

Like other doctors, dental school graduates enjoy a White Coat Ceremony at graduation. Many dental schools also hold a Hooding Ceremony.

During a Hooding Ceremony, the doctoral hood is placed over the graduate’s head by a member of the school’s faculty. While this is not commencement itself, the ceremony is still a solemn occasion with a formal processional and  all participants dressed in full, formal academic regalia of robes, caps, and hoods.

The doctoral hood (video link) is larger than other academic hoods and originates in the medieval past, but still remains as part of every university’s tradition. The colors of the silk lining the hood reflect the school’s colors, while the velvet edging indicates the wearer’s specialty, in this case lilac for dental surgery/dentistry.

Greeting Card Universe congratulates dental school graduates on their dedication to their calling and wishes them much future success! To send your best wishes to a student who’s graduating, choose from our unique collection of Congratulations/Graduation/Dental School cards. Need a card in a hurry? Order on-line, get free in-store pick-up, usually in 1 hour, at most Target and Bartell drug stores.

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Wednesday, April 2nd

Pinning Ceremony for Nurses

Learning to be a nurse requires long hours of study, dedication, exhausting clinicals and a grueling exam. Just as graduating doctors celebrate their new status with a white coat ceremony, successful graduate nurses are welcomed into their new profession with a Pinning Ceremony.

The occasion takes place at the nursing school when graduate students are given a pin by the faculty head during a ceremony which may also include lighting a candle in honor of Florence Nightingale. Pins vary in design, but all designs represent the school. Scholars believe the origins of this symbolic welcoming may date the medieval times.

Greeting Card Universe salutes the nurses who work hard every day to care for their patients with Congratulations/  raduation— Nursing Pinning Ceremony cards in a variety of designs created especially for this special day. Need a card in a hurry? Order on-line, get free in-store pick-up—usually in one hour—at most Target drug stores.

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Thursday, January 16th

Never Too Late to Educate

One of the top New Year’s resolutions made by many people is to get more or better education – such as attending a trade or vocational  school or going to college. There’s no age limit and earning a degree in a chosen professional can help with employment opportunities or be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

According to the American Council of Education, more adults age 25-60 are returning to school looking for the knowledge they need to begin new careers or new business ventures.

Whether someone you know is entering a university, taking classes to earn a degree, or furthering their education, or working to achieve an educational goal, offer them encouragement, support and acknowledgement with Congratulations – College/School Acceptance  cards.

And when they’ve done well, give them a boost with Congratulations – Graduation – Trade/Vocational/Career School cards and let them know how proud you are of their achievements. Many professions are represented including firefighter, CPA, dentist, cosmetologist, medical/healthcare, and much more.

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