Friday, April 8th

Giving Office Personnel Their Due: Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day CardWhere would most businesses be without administrative professionals helping management achieve its mission? In the most basic of terms, you could say management would be in a lot of trouble. Administrative professionals are a vital and enormous help to a company. That is why it is appropriate these workers are honored with Administrative Professionals Day.

Originally dubbed Secretary’s Day, this holiday experienced a name change to Administrative Professionals Day for a good reason. A great many people play a large role in the proper functioning of an office. So, the holiday seeks to honor not only secretaries but also mailroom personnel, receptionists, typists, carriers, and all other forms of office support help. And yes, this also includes loyal interns.

The actual date in which Administrative Professionals Day falls upon changes from year to year. It is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April and on 2011 this would be the 27th.

Most people are unaware of this particular holiday. This leads many to believe it is a relatively new concept. Actually, Administrative Professionals Day has been in existence since 1952! It was the brainchild of a publicist named Harry F. Klemfuss and was originally titled National Secretaries Week. June 4th, 1952 become the unofficial National Secretaries Day to draw targeted attention to a full week of honoring such professionals.

In time, the name and the dates were changed. However, it does not remain a popular holiday in many circles. That is a very unfortunate state of affairs and most businesses are well advised to pay homage to Administrative Professionals Day. Such workers do deserve their due and a nod to their talents would be in the best interest of all. From a motivation and morale perspective, this would make tremendous sense.

The work performed by an office support can be arduous and overwhelming. The proper performance of such duties is a must for any business to function. However, it is not always easy for an office support staff to handle such responsibilities. By setting aside one day out of the year to honor them, a company can go a long way towards making the employees feel appreciated.

That is why this April 27, 2011 needs to be a special one. Management should break out a few party favors and pastries and let the staff know they are appreciated.   An Administrative Professional’s Day card can go a long way as well!   Doing so will deliver a host of positive benefits…and it may also end up being a lot of fun, too.

Thursday, March 10th

Spring Is Near!

For many Americans, the thought of spring sounds like relief from a long and cold winter. After months of clouds, rain and snow, it is time for the sun to warm the fields and melt the snow. Spring is the time when families begin to plan picnics in the park and for some cultures, it is also the time of the new year!

The first day of spring marks the Persian New Year, also known as NoRooz, a tradition that has been celebrated for nearly 2000 years. NoRooz means ‘new day’ and not only marks the day to start the new year, but also the day to start the life giving season of Spring! With under 2 weeks left of winter, now is the best time to send out Persian New Year Cards.

Another holiday that is just around the corner in spring is Easter. This year, Easter falls on Sunday April 24th, and marks a day that brings many families together, around the world. Traditional celebrations include picnics and large family gatherings where great feasts are enjoyed and the children participate in Easter egg hunts. Our selection of Easter Cards offers you access to the highest quality artist created cards online!

The last holiday you need to remember this Spring is Admin Professionals Day. From small businesses to multi-national corporations, administrative professionals have been helping busy executives for years. Admin Professionals Day is on Wednesday, April 27th and offers you the chance to say thank you to all of the people who help keep your business running smoothly. Take the time to send out Admin Professionals Day Cards, this year!

With GCU’s help, sending out cards becomes quick and easy! Take the time to reach out to those you care about this spring. Sending out unexpected greeting cards to your friends, family members and co-workers offers you a great opportunity to express your gratitude in a way that will surely make them feel appreciated.

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