Wednesday, July 29th

The Smoking Solution

In Goslar, Lower Saxony, a region of Germany, owner of the Maltermeister Turm restaurant, Michael Windisch, came up with an ingenious solution to the government’s indoor cigarette smoking ban in 2008. He drilled three large holes in an outer wall so a smoker could stick their head and hands (and cigarette) through to the outside without the smoker having to leave the restaurant, enabling him or her to stay dry and/or warm in inclement weather.

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Monday, July 20th

Dancing Without the Stars

Nemaha, Iowa is a truly small community (population 112, mostly farmers). In 2000, it was reported that some of the residents enjoy square dancing with a twist: they allemande left and promenade while seated on tractors. The dancers execute their movements on the farming machines with delicate precision and timing. Only one little problem exists: all the square dancers are men. As an acceptable solution, half of the performers don the typical calico skirts worn by female square dancers. Why? Because they consider cross-dressing preferable to overtly dancing with another man.

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Sunday, July 12th

The Princess Who Became a Nun

Princess Ileana, daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie of Romania, great granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England and Tsar Alexander II of Russia, once went with her mother during World War I, helping wounded Romanian soldiers in hospitals. By the time her parents died and war broke out afresh in Europe during World War II, the princess was married to an Austrian archduke and had given him six children.

When her brother, the king of Romania, abdicated at the insistence of Communists in 1947 Ileana (who had moved back to her home country with her children in fear of the Nazi regime) and the royal family were exiled and ended up emigrating to the U.S. For her family to survive in their new country, she sold her jewels,, did lectures against communism and wrote an autobiography.

In 1961, Ileana felt a calling to serve God and took her vows to become Mother Alexandra. She founded a monastery of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania and worked as the abbess and wrote religious books until 1981 and her retirement from active service. She died at the age of 82 in 1991, forever known as the princess who became a nun.

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Tuesday, May 26th

That Tingling Feeling: Electrifying Congratulations

Regardless of whether your house is on a city power grid or you generate your own power through solar panels, wind, etc., if your house is wired for electricity, at some point you’ll need the services of a certified/licensed electrician.

An electrician  goes through courses at a trade or vocational school, then graduates to further training and on the job apprenticeship under an experienced electrician before he or she can become certified or licensed according to their state’s regulations. Electrical work should only be done by someone with the proper certification—work with electricity can be deadly and should never be attempted by amateurs.

If you have a friend or family member who is graduating from vocational school, Greeting Card Universe has unique, high voltage Congratulations on Becoming a Licensed/Certified Electrician cards made especially by our design community. Just order on-line, add your personal message and – don’t be shock – we’ll put your card in the mail the next business day. Or get free in-store pick-up, usually in 1 hour, at most Target and Bartell Drug Stores.


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Tuesday, April 8th

White Coat Ceremony for Doctors

The WCC or White Coat Ceremony is a relatively new ceremony for students studying medicine was created at the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago in 1989. Today, 100+ schools hold WCCs for their student populations.

Participating in a White Coat Ceremony is considered a landmark in a medical student’s studies, although some schools wait to hold the ceremony until graduation. Others do it at the beginning of the school year. No matter when or wherethe ceremony is held, all students receive the same thing—the long, white doctor’s coat they will wear throughout their future career that identifies them as caregivers and healers.

The idea of a White Coat Ceremony is taking hold at medical schools around the world, including Germany, Australia, the UK, Canada and other countries.

Greeting Card Universe congratulates medical students and their achievements, and we know you do, too. Our one-of-a-kind Congratulations/White Coat Ceremony/WCC cards let you show your pride in what the student in your life has accomplished.

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Monday, March 3rd

Teen Milestone: Drive Like a Boss

In the United States and elsewhere, a teenager getting their driver’s license allows them to gain further independence from their parents. Once upon a time, this was considered an important rite of passage, another step toward adulthood.

More recently, however, the desire for the freedom of the road has changed for some teens. In the last 15 or so years, the number of high schoolers getting their driver’s licenses has dropped. Experts disagree on the cause of the decline.

According to a University of Michigan survey, some of the reasons cited for not getting a driver’s license include not having enough time or money, and the availability of alternate transportation such as a bike or a parent willing to give a ride. Putting off getting a driver’s license appears to be a developing trend.

When someone you love finally does take the test and pass, Greeting Card Universe makes the celebration even more special with one of a kind Congratulations – Passing Driving Test/Driver’s License cards. Choose from over 100 unique designs, order on-line, and we’ll put your hugs on the road the next business day.

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Thursday, January 16th

Never Too Late to Educate

One of the top New Year’s resolutions made by many people is to get more or better education – such as attending a trade or vocational  school or going to college. There’s no age limit and earning a degree in a chosen professional can help with employment opportunities or be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

According to the American Council of Education, more adults age 25-60 are returning to school looking for the knowledge they need to begin new careers or new business ventures.

Whether someone you know is entering a university, taking classes to earn a degree, or furthering their education, or working to achieve an educational goal, offer them encouragement, support and acknowledgement with Congratulations – College/School Acceptance  cards.

And when they’ve done well, give them a boost with Congratulations – Graduation – Trade/Vocational/Career School cards and let them know how proud you are of their achievements. Many professions are represented including firefighter, CPA, dentist, cosmetologist, medical/healthcare, and much more.

What Are Happy Shoppers Saying About Greeting Card Universe?
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