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National Stepfamily Day – Sept 16

National Stepfamily Day, founded by Christy Borgeld in 1997, is observed on September 16 each year and is a day for stepfamilies to recognize and celebrate their unique family structure.

One in 3 Americans is part of a stepfamily, or blended family. It takes time and effort for a stepfamily to come together as a strong family unit. Parenting differences between the two blending families can lead to stress within the marriage. Studies show that it can take, on average, 4 years to build a strong, steady relationship with a stepchild. There will also likely be at least a little bit of jealousy, a feeling that the stepparent is trying to replace a parent, and a sensitivity that some children might be preferred over them. A stepfamily that makes it through these struggles deserves  to celebrate their accomplishments.

Some communities and churches hold special National Stepfamily Day events. If your community doesn’t hold an event, here are some ideas for your family to honor your special family. Your National Stepfamily Day celebration doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate, it only has to be something the whole family would enjoy.

Write letters to each other about how special each member is to the whole of the family.

Have a family portrait taken.

Have a family cook out or slumber party.

Make a photo album of the new family.

Have a special family dinner, serving each family member’s favorite dish.

Have a movie night. Netflix recently announced that they will be honoring National Stepfamily Day by offering stepfamily movies on this day.

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