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Mother’s Day, 2010!

To us here at, it is almost difficult to believe that Mother’s Day is already here! We are thankful for all of our new customers who have joined us this year, and we are eternally grateful to all of the tens of thousands of people who have changed the way they send out greeting cards forever! We are a society and a culture of people who are finding ever more efficient and simple ways of doing things…. We at GreetingCardUniverse are here to help you find a broader selection of cards without the hassle of leaving your home or office! Every card is a unique artist creation and you Click to Read more…

Graduation Cards | The Class of 2010

As spring 2010 continues to bloom, we are quickly approaching a very important day for some very important people! I remember how great it felt to finish up high school graduation… To know that I’d made it! I still remember the barbecue my family had that day, inviting over friends and family to celebrate. To this day, I remember the wonderful and encouraging messages I received in cards from my friends and family. These messages inspired me to remember how far I’d come and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. Graduations are milestones in our lives, and at the time, they feel like the most important moment, to date! Take Click to Read more…

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