Wednesday, August 27th

Saying Thanks to a Teacher

Teachers work long hours preparing lessons for their students, grading tests and papers, taking care of necessary administrative tasks, and all the other work that goes above and beyond their job description, often including using their own money to purchase classroom supplies. During Teacher Appreciation Week (taking place annually on the first full week in May) we express our thanks to the awesome men and women who teach and care for our childen. We also send Teacher Thank You cards to show our gratitude. But what if you’d like to send a teacher a litlte somethign more in addition to a card?

Wonderful gifts for teachers include:

  • School supplies (grade level appropriate) such as glue, paper clips, binder clips, pencils, child friendly paints, etc. You can create a cool School Supply Cake as an artful presentation or just a tote bag of goodies
  • Age appropriate books for children to plump up the classroom library or toys/games with an educational bent that are fun to play.
  • A reusable lunch bag filled with rubber grading stamps, ink pads, and stickers for teachers to give out to students or a gift card to a book store or office supply store.
  • Homemade classroom decorations personalized to the teacher and made with love.

And when you want to celebrate a special event like a Teacher’s Birthday with a gift, include a unique card from Greeting Card Universe!  Choose one of our special selection designed for the occasion, order on-line, personalize with your message, and we’ll mail your card the next business day. Or get free in-store pick-up, usually in 1 hour, at many Target and Bartell Drug Stores across the USA.

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Tuesday, August 19th

Back To School For Teachers

Teachers will also begin a new school year in late August or September and need to make lesson plans and get ther classrooms ready for their students. Teachers also need supplies like chalk, ballpoint pens, rubber bands, paper clips, markers—all the little things necessary to help their classes, their students, and themselves run smoothly and with minimum fuss.

The first day of school is perhaps the most challenging as teachers learn about their new students and their needs. To ease the stress, some teachers print “Welcome” brochures for students, plan a fun scavenger hunt for the class,  help students make name plates, and other activities.

Greeting Card Universe respects those men and women who not only teach our children, but inspire them to reach their full potential. If you know a teacher who is getting ready for a new school year, send him or her encouragement with a unique Back to School For Teacher card created by one of our talented designers. Order on-line and we’ll mail your card the next business day OR get FREE in-store pick-up, usually in 1 hour, at many Target or Bartell Drug Stores across America.

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Tuesday, August 12th

First Day of Kindergarten

The very first day of kindergarten is busy and stressful for parents and children alike. Students need to learn the rules of the classroom and how to behave with their new classmates.

Preparing children for school keeps parents on their toes with all the little details like remembering to put the child’s name inside the lunchbox and making sure they understand how they’re getting home from school.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Children who’ve never been in a structured environment like a school may not even know how to get in line.

If you know a child about to take that first big step into school, encourage them with a First Day of Kindergarten card from Greeting Card Universe’s unique collection of kid-friendly designs. Getting mail is always exciting and you can personalize the inside of every card to send your own message of love and support. Teachers can also give out cards to new students to add something special to their first day.

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Monday, August 4th

Getting Back in the (School) Groove

In the United States, the date of the first day of school depends on the state/district the student resides in. For many, summer vacation ends on the day after Labor Day, but other children begin their new school year as early as mid-August. A new school year typically means a new grade level, new books and supplies, new teachers and new friends – sometimes even a new school.

The first day of school can be an anxious time, especially for children just beginning this new phase in their lives. Listening to their fears and concerns and offering encouragement, planning a routine, and taking a tour of the school are a few of the things parents can do to lessen the stress.

Greeting Card Universe offers fun and one-of-a-kind Back to School cards to make kids of all ages and grades from kindergarten to high school and college students  feel really special and let mothers, fathers, grandparents, other family members and friends give their best wishes and support.

What Are Happy Shoppers Saying About Greeting Card Universe?
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