Monday, January 21st

Tu B’Shevat

The New Year for Trees, Tu B’Shevat, begins in 2013 on the evening of January 25 and ends the evening of January 26.  This is a period when, according to Jewish tithing law, the age of fruit trees is calculated.

Tu B’Shevat is also known as the Jewish Arbor Day. It’s become the custom in Israel and other countries to plant trees. The festival generally includes eating fruits like pomegranates, figs, dates, grapes, and olives, or dried fruits.

“And when ye shall come into the land, and shall have planted all manner of trees for food, then ye shall count the fruit thereof as uncircumcised: three years shall it be as uncircumcised unto you: it shall not be eaten of. But in the fourth year all the fruit thereof shall be holy to praise the LORD withal. And in the fifth year shall ye eat of the fruit thereof, that it may yield unto you the increase thereof: I am the LORD your God.” — Leviticus 19:23-25

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