Wednesday, October 6th

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Founded by AstraZenica in 1985, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is designed to promote awarness, early detection, and to raise funds for companies working towards preventions and cures. The Race For The Cure is a race that started in Dallas Texas with 800 participants in 1983 and has since been duplicated in countries around the world, like Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the UK, Canada and more with combined annual participant numbers over 1 million!!

We here at GCU are proud to offer a wide selection of breast cancer awareness cards and other types of breast cancer greeting cards. We understand that breast cancer affects the lives of millions of people whether directly or indirectly. Sometimes there is a feeling of helplessness or sorrow for the friends and family members of those affected by breast cancer. We know that the simple act of sending a card to encourage a quick recovery or to inspire someone who is battling breast cancer can help your friends and family members stay positive!

So whether you are inviting people to join you in walking for the cure, celebrating the life of a cancer survivor or encouraging someone to remember to have regular mammograms, you are at the right place! With almost 4000 artists and 400,000 greeting cards to chose from, we are here to help you send messages of hope, inspiration and celebration to those you love!

Breast Cancer Awareness
Pink Ribbon
Walking For A Cure
Breast Cancer
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