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made of awesome, snap, king, queen, sarcasm, sarcastic, snap


made of awesome
facebook stalker
sympathy symphony

hammer,hammer time,vintage,snap cards,funny,photo,

finger,fart,humor,funny,joke,pass wind,pass gas,poot,

vintage photo, special, aren't you special, jerk, sarcasm, sarcastic, snap
its hammer time!
pull my finger
vintage photo special jerk

vintage photo, pimp my ride, bling, pimp out, big pimpin, snap

vintage photo, leave him, grow a pair, leave his sorry ass, snap

vintage photo, knuckle up, fight, brawl, fisticuffs, start something, snap
vintage photo pimp my ride
vintage photo leave him
vintage photo knuckle up

vintage photo, fap, masturbate, jack off, bathing beauties, pull pud, funny, humor, humorous, snap

vintage photo, dress slutty, attract cute guys, slut nugget, slut, whore, snap

vintage photo, busted, saw what you did, gotcha, caught, snap
vintage photo fap
vintage photo dress slutty
vintage photo busted

vintage photo, bromance, homie, homes, homeboy, snap

vintage photo. brokeback. birthday, homie, homeboy, snap

vintage photo, big pimpin, big pimping, pimp, bling, pimp out, snap
vintage photo bromance
vintage photo brokeback
vintage photo big pimpin

tune my guitar to sad, worlds smallest violin, sorry, feeling sorry, sarcasm, sarcastic, snap, victorian

steenky foots, smell my feet, kiss my ass, snap, victorian

one poke too many, poke war, poking, super poke, dead, no more poking, poke no more, snap
tune guitar to sad
steenky foots
one poke too many

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