Monday, November 23rd

Thanksgiving — Missing You

Thanksgiving Day, celebrated in the US on the fourth Thursday in November, is a day of family and friends gathering together for good cheer and fellowship. It is estimated by Waze that 46.3 million Americans will be driving more than 50 miles this Thanksgiving, and Airlines for America predicts that 25.3 million people will travel on U.S. airlines. But some people don’t make it home for Thanksgiving. It might be because of work or school schedules, lack of funds, or military service. For those people, perhaps Skype, FaceTime, or the cellphone is the closest they’ll get to connecting with friends and family. But, whether near or far, we can let Click to Read more…

Tuesday, November 17th

Black Friday — Get Your “Shop” On

Black Friday starts, for many stores, at midnight Thanksgiving evening. Considered the start of the official holiday shopping season (although we all have at least one irritating friend who starts shopping in August!), Black Friday was begun in 2006. It is estimated that in 2014, 133 million people were stalking deals on Black Friday, spending approximately $50.9 billion, according to Black Friday (shopping) For many people, Black Friday is not only a time for finding great deals, but also a time for a fun post-Thanksgiving outing with friends and family. Finding deals is the goal, and there are tools to help with this. Shopping Apps ShopSavvy  Available for both Apple Click to Read more…

Tuesday, October 13th

Facebook Now Allowing Some Users to Send “Happy Birthday” Video Messages

Facebook is asking some of its users to create a new kind of birthday greeting, one with more of a personal touch. Rather than the generic repetition of brief text messages from hundreds of Facebook friends, this new option lets users create a video up to 20 seconds in length. This is only available for some iOS users at the moment, although other operating systems like Android are likely to follow (as reported by TheNextWeb). Birthday videos may be the start of a new focus for the social site, a move toward more personal input. Creating videos takes a bit of added effort on the user’s part, and the clips Click to Read more…

Monday, October 12th

Design Challenge Winner September 2015

Every month, Greeting Card Universe hosts a Design Challenge for our artist community. Cards can be designed for any category so long as they incorporate a specified theme. Winners are selected by a panel of judges. The theme for September was: Costumes! The winners for September 2015 are: First Place: Barbara Schreiber Second Place: Julia Bryant These cards along with previous winners can be found on our Design Challenge Pinterest board. Congratulations to the two winners and thank you to everyone that participated in this contest!

Monday, September 28th

How to Get a Birthday or Anniversary Card from Queen Elizabeth!

How would you like to receive a birthday card from the Queen of England?  Did you know that each year, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth sends some 50,000 greeting cards celebrating citizens’ special birthdays and anniversaries. This royal tradition began in 1917, and Queen Elizabeth has sent cards since her coronation in 1953. In 2015, she became the longest-ruling monarch and achieved the milestone of sending the millionth greeting card to her country people (according to this announcement)! If you’d like to join the ranks of the lucky million, you must be a current citizen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or one of England’s 26 realms and Click to Read more…

Friday, August 28th

Lice, LIce Baby

Head lice is every parent’s nightmare. Unfortunately, children are often exposed to head lice in classrooms across America. Every year, 6-12 million head lice cases are reported. Getting rid of the parasites is difficult – miss one egg while combing and a hatched female can lay her own brood of eggs, creating another generation. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses have recommended a new policy which is sweeping through schools across the nation – rather than send a child home immediately, the parents are notified by phone and the child may continue their school day. Greeting Card Universe is itching to offer you Get Click to Read more…

Thursday, August 27th

Camping Out

In 1978, newspapers reported Bigfoot sightings in Hartford County, Maryland according to Robert Chance, an environmental education teacher at a local high school who claimed to have circumstantial evidence and had actually met the crypto-creature. Chance believes Bigfoot is intelligent, fears humans and walks around the Appalachian mountain region, hidden in the thick forests. He faces a great deal of criticism, but has faith that one day, his belief in Bigfoot will be vindicated. If you decide to have a camping party in the woods, you don’t need to worry about Bigfoot crashing the fun when you send unique Kids Birthday Party/Camping Out Invitations. Just order on-line, add the date Click to Read more…

Monday, August 24th

Take Your Best Shot

In 1999, it was reported in Tokyo, Japan that 36 year old Akira Hareruya’s company had gone bankrupt. In an effort to save his business, he roamed the city streets renting boxing gloves for $9 a minute and allowed paying pedestrians to try to hit him as much as they liked. He gave his word to dodge only and not to return the blows. According to Hareruya, boxing is a great stress reliever. He also allows verbal abuse during the boxing session. How much does he earn? $200 a night. Greeting Card Universe helps you offer encouragement to someone in need without donning boxing gloves by offering unique Get Well Click to Read more…

Monday, August 3rd

Design Challenge Winner July 2015

Each month, Greeting Card Universe hosts a Design Challenge for our artist community. Cards may be in any category and are designed around a specific theme. Winners are selected by a panel of judges. Winning cards may also be found at our special Pinterest board or by liking us on Facebook. In June 2015, the winners of the challenge are: First Place: Barbara Schreiber   Second Place: Julia Bryant   Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all artists who participated

Wednesday, July 29th

The Smoking Solution

In Goslar, Lower Saxony, a region of Germany, owner of the Maltermeister Turm restaurant, Michael Windisch, came up with an ingenious solution to the government’s indoor cigarette smoking ban in 2008. He drilled three large holes in an outer wall so a smoker could stick their head and hands (and cigarette) through to the outside without the smoker having to leave the restaurant, enabling him or her to stay dry and/or warm in inclement weather. If you know someone who is trying to quit smoking, send them some encouragement with a unique Congratulations – Quitting Smoking card from Greeting Card Universe. It couldn’t be easier! Just order on-line, add your personal message and we’ll Click to Read more…

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