Tuesday, May 26th

That Tingling Feeling: Electrifying Congratulations

Regardless of whether your house is on a city power grid or you generate your own power through solar panels, wind, etc., if your house is wired for electricity, at some point you’ll need the services of a certified/licensed electrician. An electrician  goes through courses at a trade or vocational school, then graduates to further training and on the job apprenticeship under an experienced electrician before he or she can become certified or licensed according to their state’s regulations. Electrical work should only be done by someone with the proper certification—work with electricity can be deadly and should never be attempted by amateurs. If you have a friend or family Click to Read more…

Sunday, May 24th

A Memorial Day Remembrance for Armed Forces Animals

Dogs and cats – and pigeons, horses, oxen and even elephants – have served with Army and Navy service persons for much of history. These brave animals have not only provided essential services and moral support for soldiers and sailors under wartime conditions far from home, they’ve saved lives and sometimes given their own lives for the humans who cared for them. The HMS Hermione, a British Royal Navy anti-aircraft cruiser during WWII, acquired a ship’s mascot shortly after it entered the war in 1939: Convoy, a black and white cat who was not only officially listed with the ship’s crew, but assigned a sailor’s kit including a pint-sized hammock. Click to Read more…

Friday, May 15th

3 Heroes Honored on Memorial Day

Memorial Day in the United States is celebrated on the last Monday in May, a day set aside for honoring those who have served their country in the Armed Forces, the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. Here are three heroes who may be unknown to you, but should be remembered. Private Roger W. Young: As a young man, he joined a company of the Ohio National Guard in 1938. His company was activated in 1940 and became part of the 37th Infantry Division which was assigned to the South Pacific. Young has a hearing problem and at his request, was demoted in rank from Sergeant to Private. On July Click to Read more…

Thursday, May 7th

3 Superhero Moms for Mother’s Day

Mothers are nurturing, loving and care deeply for their families, and they can turn into superheroes on occasions when they need to go above and beyond. Here are three moms who took heroic action when the chips were down. Irma Randall: She lived in Brooklyn, New York, in a small third floor apartment with her nine children in 1952. Four of her children were home the day their building caught fire. By the time Irma realized what was happening, the stairwell was inaccessible and her family trapped. Thinking quickly, the tossed a blanket to onlookers three stories below, begged them to save her children, and began to throw them out Click to Read more…

Friday, May 1st

April Design Challenge Winners

Each month, Greeting Card Universe hosts a Design Challenge for our artist community. Cards may be in any category and are designed around a specific theme. Winners are selected by a panel of judges. Winning cards may also be found at our special Pinterest board or by liking us on Facebook. In April 2015, the winners of the challenge are: First Place – Christie Black’s Creations From the Heart   Second Place – Betsy Bush Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all participating artists!  

Tuesday, April 28th

Kindergarten: Cap and Gown

Children usually attend kindergarten for two years at ages five and six, however some programs allow children to attend much earlier. During this time, children not only begin their education, but learn vital social skills before they graduate to first grade. Kindergarten has a long history—here are a few things you may not know. Friedrich Froebel, an early 19th century German educator, came up with the concept of kindergarten – a structured program for educating young children. His kindergartens also gave women career opportunities as teachers. In the mid-1800s, Germans fleeing the many revolutions that had erupted in their states, came to the United States, bringing the idea of kindergarten Click to Read more…

Tuesday, April 21st

3 Nurses Who Changed Their Profession For the Better

Since ancient times, there have been men and women who assisted healers and physicians with helping patients. Since the mid 19th century and Florence Nightingale’s establishment of a formal and respectable nursing profession, other nurses have added their contributions to the professional health care field. Here are three of these extraordinary women you may not know: Mary “Mother” Seacole: Born in Jamaica in 1805, she became a nurse (though she had no formal medical training) and spent years treating patients in Cuba and Panama during yellow fever and cholera epidemics. After being refused service in the British Army during the Crimean War because of her race, she funded her own trip, Click to Read more…

Wednesday, April 15th

The Colors of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo occurs annually on May 5, once a Mexican celebration of the defeat of French forces by the Mexican army at the Battle of the Puebla (El Día de la Batalla de Puebla) in 1862, is now also celebrated in the United States and Canada. One of the traditional motifs of Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican flag and the colors red, white and green which are used a lot in decorations, clothing and food. The modern meanings of the colors are: GREEN: Prosperity (originally freedom) WHiTE: Peace (originally the Catholic church) RED: Blood shed by Mexican heroes (originally the union of Spain and Mexico The coat of Click to Read more…

Wednesday, April 8th

Admin Professionals Day: 3 Old-Timey Jobs for Women

Administrative Professionals Day is an unofficial holiday taking place on the Wednesday of Admin Professionals Week, which in 2015 is April 22 in the United States. Dates may vary in other countries.  Before women were common in the workplace, their employment opportunities were limited. Aside from factory work, domestic work or shopkeeping and retail jobs, there were few opportunities for women in what we would term “white collar work.” These types of jobs became more available as the centuries and technologies progressed. Here are three job opportunities from the old days which women made their own. Typewriting Girl: The invention of the commercial typewriting machine in the 19th century brought great opportunities for Click to Read more…

Friday, April 3rd

March Design Challenge Winners

Each month, Greeting Card Universe hosts a Design Challenge for our artist community. Cards may be in any category and are designed around a specific theme. Winners are selected by a panel of judges. Winning cards may also be found at our special Pinterest board or by liking us on Facebook. In March 2015, the winners of the challenge are: First Place Second Place Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all participating artists!  

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