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bear hugs, teddy bear, hug, friend, big hug, love, affection, care, stuffed animal

starfish,kawaii,sweet,cute,japan,asia,culture,cuteness,otaku,tokyo,sea,hi,hello,nice to meet you,whassup

bee,beekeeper,honey,buzz,pollinate,pollen,hobby,colony collapse disorder,queen,bumblebee,
bear hugs

pew,stink,stinky,rieks,smelly,smells,dead fish,fishy,sucks,sux,

if you don't gnomie by now. gnome, gnomie, everyday card, fun

current mood, i has a giant mad, mad, bad mood,
pew, that stinks
if you don't gnomie by now....
current mood - giant mad

minder reden mehr Kaffee, Morgen,

læse, mindre snak mere kaffe, morgen,

paroles, café, matin, lire, plus de café
minder reden, mehr Kaffee
mindre snak, mere kaffe...
moins de paroles, plus de café

menos hablar más café, café, hablar, mañana, papel de las noticias

meno parlare più caffè, caffè,

minder kleppen meer koffie, koffie, morgen, krantje, lezen, dutch,
menos hablar, más café...
meno parlare, più caffè...
minder kleppen, meer koffie...

every day cards, less talk more coffee, current mood, reading, newspaper, morning, coffee

dog, yo what's up, wazzup, sup, how are you doing

current mood, I has a mad, mad, dog
less talk, more coffee....
yo, what's up
I has a mad

everyday cards, happy hour, cocktails, it's 5 o' clock somewhere

must have coffee, everyday cards, coffee time

everyday cards, vino time, wine, happy hour, it's 5 o' clock somewhere
cocktail time!
must have coffee
Vino time!

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