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About Us

I'm Mindy, the Co-founder and Community Manager at Greeting Card Universe. In today's busy world of social media and smart phones I find receiving a real paper greeting card in the mail to be one of life's simple pleasures and as a busy working mother of three, I see countless reasons to send cards each and every day.

Greeting cards for any occasion that you can possibly imagine – big & small, trials, triumphs & tribulations, lesser known holidays - you name it. Cards you didn't even know exist! Our unique collection of cards reflects the landscape of our lives and chronicles the journey we travel, far beyond just birthdays and Christmas!

UNCOMMON CARDS — Absolutely!

With three teenagers, it seems like there's a milestone every day to celebrate, congratulate, sympathize or acknowledge. I find myself keeping cards like these at the ready to send to my girls and their friends, like: Congratulations on getting your Driver's License, Get Well from your Wisdom Tooth Surgery, Congratulations on making your 1st Touchdown, Good Luck with your 1st Job, Great Job making the Cheer Team, and others.

And now with one child far away in College I bitter sweetly send Missing you While you're Away at College cards with care packages from home of her favorite things.

BIZARRE CARDS — Sometimes.

Then there are unusual and sensitive times that should be acknowledged, something said, but you're not quiet sure what to say. Saying nothing at all is probably the worst thing you can do, like: Thank You to Organ Donor Family, Get Well after Gastric Bypass Surgery, Congratulations Receiving your Prosthetic Eye, Condolences on the Loss of your Newborn, Recovery Quickly from your Breast Augmentation, and others.

HARD TO FIND CARDS — Not anymore.

So many cultural holidays celebrated around the world and right here in the melting pot of the United States. Diwali, Persian New Year, Feast Day of St. Joseph, Festivus, Name Day and so many more! If it's celebrated we have it! And if we don't, our community of freelance artists will create new designs at no additional charge within 48hours!

Any Card Imaginable. Quite simply that's what Greeting Card Universe is all about.