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Q1: Does it cost anything?
A1: No, your artist account is completely free.  As we make improvements we may offer some advanced services and features at a nominal fee.  You will be clearly notified if and when these are made available.
Q2: Is it easy to set up my cards?
A2: Yes. You upload your images, create the card messages and that's it! Sit back and watch them sell.
Q3: What if I need help getting started, do you have any tutorials or videos?
A3: The registration and set up process is fairly simple. Be sure to read our GCU Wiki and view the helpful videos there under GCU University at to get up to speed quickly and use as an ongoing reference. If you need future assistance email our artist support team. Also be sure to subscribe to our GCU Community BLOG for lots of great artist tips and contests:
Q4: Do I keep the rights to my images?
A4: Absolutely! Yes, you keep the rights to your images. Click here for GCU Terms and Conditions.
Q5: What precautions have you taken to protect my images?
A5: We have implemented the two following precautions to protect your images. All images, except for thumbnail size images and 3D images, will be watermarked. Additionally, on all Large View images we have disabled the right click function.
Q6: What are the file format specifications for uploading card images?
A6: The quality of your printed card is a direct result of the quality of the image or photo that you supply. For best results, start with a clear, shadow free, high-resolution image.

Please note, you will need to upload a digital image that can be printed as the front cover of the greeting card. Pictures of cards will not be accepted.

File Format: JPEG
File Size: up to 3.85MB

Dimension: 5x7 inches or 7x5 inches

Resolution: 180dpi minimum / 300dpi recommended

Template: click to download
Q7: Can I make my images available as free Ecards?
A7: No, we do not offer an option for artists to offer their cards as free Ecards on the site at this time.
Q7: Do you have any tools to help me prepare my image properly?
A7: Yes, the best way to ensure proper layout and resolution is by using our template. Download the template.
Q8: I don't want an online store, can I still join?
A8: Yes, you can still join however all artist accounts do automatically have a storefront created. You do not need to customize your storefront if you choose. Storefronts are a nice way for shoppers to view your entire collection of cards and allow you to express a more personal touch or message to shoppers and they are fairly simple to customize and maintain.
Q9: How are orders fulfilled and cards printed?
A9: We process the orders and online checkout and the cards are physically printed and fulfilled by our trusted print on demand partners. Shoppers do have an In-Store Pickup option where cards are printed at select Target stores in the photo department, usually within 1 hour.
Q10: What is ''Powered by BigDates-Solutions''?
A10: is the leader in reminder service solutions licensing its reminder service technology to other companies branded "Powered by BigDates-Solutions". A key element of BigDates reminder services is the suggestions in each email reminder. These suggestions are appropriate paper greeting cards, free Ecards and gifts. The appropriateness is based on the type of event, gender of the receiver, relationship of the sender and receiver, age of the receiver, etc.
Q11: What about embellished cards?
A11: Sorry, since we do not inventory physical cards we can not accommodate hand-made cards or cards with embellishments like embossing, glitter, fabrics, ribbons, etc.
Q12: Where do the card buyers come from?
A12: Cards buyers come from sites that are in the 'Powered by BigDates-Solutions'¯ network. Greeting Card Universe is the exclusive greeting card provider for BigDates. You'll enjoy marketing and site traffic that these other sites employ. You don't have to lift a finger! Click here to see "Powered by BigDates-Solutions" sites. Buyers also come from search engines like Google, etc.
Q13: How do I know how much traffic my store and cards are getting?
A13: We provide you with activity reports. The activity report will show you how many times your store has been visited, cards clicked, purchased, reviewed as well as favorited.
Q14: How much money will I earn?
A14: With standard earnings, artists will earn up to $ 0.35 for each of your paper cards sold. Artists can achieve premium earnings (2x standard earnings) by meeting the Quarterly Earnings Thresholds. Click here for Artist Earnings Rates & Quarterly Thresholds.
Q15: How are my earnings impacted by special promotions & discounts?
A15: Free card offers or free shipping promotions do not change your normal earnings. Where you will see a change in earnings is when a reduced price per card or % discount is offered. Your earnings rate (%) will remain the same based on the original price of the card (pre-discount price) but applied against the lower price of the card (discount price).
Q16: Who collects payment from the customer?
A16: Greeting Card Universe handles the ecommerce transaction.
Q17: Are there quantity discounts?
A17: Yes, there are quantity discounts for larger card orders. You will earn a different amount per card based on the overall size of the order. Click here for Artist Earnings Rates.
Q17: How and when will my fees be paid?
A17: We pay by check. There are no additional postal or service fees. We can also pay via PayPal. Artist payments will be made thirty (30) days after the end of each calendar quarter if the amount owed exceeds twenty-five dollars ($25). You can increase your minimum payment amount. Click here for Payment Information in Account Information.
Q18: How will buyers find my cards?
A18: Most sites that are part of the "Powered by BigDates-Solutions" network will be offering your cards. Buyers will see your cards either as results to keyword searches, via search engines or onsite search, or through card category listings. They may also see your cards as suggestions in important date email reminders.

Also your cards will be offered on along with all other artists' cards and exclusively on your online storefront.
Q19: How do my cards get suggested?
A19: Suggestions and keyword search results depend on how you have keyworded and titled your card as well as the category it is in. These elements are also critical in how searching shoppers find your cards via search engines like Google.
Q20: On which sites will my cards be offered?
A20: Your cards may be offered on sites in the "Powered by BigDates-Solutions network". It's a constantly growing list as we add more sites. Click here to see "Powered by BigDates-Solutions" list.
Q21: When do my cards appear on these other sites?
A21: GCU cards are updated on "Powered by BigDates-Solutions" sites once every 24 hours. The update adds new cards, refreshes changed cards and removes deleted cards.
Q22: How can I make sure my cards are in the correct categories?
A22: When you create your cards you will be able to chose up to 2 categories. The first category should reflect the purpose or occasion of your card (birthday, holiday, occasion, blank note card, etc.). Cards should be specific to the category and not unrelated nor reaching. If it is in the Birthday category it should be clear in image or verse that it is a Birthday card. The second category is optional and typically should support the subject matter or style of your card for example the Collections category like Photography or Animals / Pets >> Dogs.
Q23: What do email reminders look like?
A23: Email reminders vary in design and content site by site. There are also differences depending on how many days before the event. They can include suggestions of specific paper greeting cards, gifts and free ecards. Click here to see sample reminder emails.
Q24: How can I increase my cards' exposure?
A24: First, make sure your cards are titled, categorized and keyworded accurately and completely. It is a good idea to include a detailed and unique product description in the Artist's Notes field. Secondly, you can use our card category report to see which categories need cards and create cards for those categories.
Q25: How can I be a ''featured artist'' on your homepage?
A25: To be among the artists rotated in our "Featured Artist" spot your store needs to have 15 or more cards.
Q26: Do you want my paper card inventory?
A26: No, we do not keep a physical inventory. All cards are printed on demand that significantly reduces costs, gives us flexibility and we're never out of stock!
Q27: Is there a limit to the number of cards I can offer?
A27: No, there is not a limit at this time. In the future, depending on usage there may be a limit or a nominal fee for a premium number of cards offered.
Q28: Can I order my own cards for my own use?
A28: Yes! This is a great and affordable way for you to print your own cards. Whether it's for a trade show or small sale, simply order what you want through GreetingCardUniverse or your own online storefront and pay just like any other online customer. Artists receive a discount when purchasing their own cards via a unique discount code distributed in your administrative settings. You can also pay for your card purchases with your earned fees.
Q29: What will my cards look like?
A29: We strongly encourage you to preview your cards carefully at each step (a large view is available to preview the inside text) and use the spell check feature. Your card will print exactly as you enter and create. You are responsible for the accuracy of your cards. If you would like to see an actual sample you will need to order a card like an online customer. Cards printed by Target for In-Store Pickup will have a tasteful, balanced white border along all 4 margins.
Q30: What are your terms and conditions of service?
A30: Click here to see GCU Terms and Conditions.
Q31: What size are the cards and what paper do you use?
A31: Cards are folded and based on orientation are 5 inches by 7 inches (portrait) or 7 inches by 5 inches (landscape). Cards are printed on 111 pound cover stock that is similar in quality to cards you would find in an art museum gift shop and envelope stock is 80 lbs, Classic Crest. You select card finish matte or UV coated (glossy finish). Cards printed by Target for In-Store Pickup are printed on 100 pound cover stock and with a matte finish, glossy is not available for in-store pickup orders.
Q32: What are my image responsibilities?
A32: Each artist is responsible for their own content. As stated in the GCUniverse Terms & Conditions accepted at registration, you must have written approval from the appropriate entity and/or a model release to use their images, or the images are in violation.

Some guidelines to follow:
1. You must have a signed consent form to use the photo or likeness of:
  • A minor under the age of eighteen (18) where the face is recognizable - such release is needed from their parent or guardian
  • An adult where the face is recognizable and the photo was taken at a non-public event, such as someone walking down the street - such release is needed from that person

2. You represent that the use of the image will not infringe the copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, right of privacy, right of publicity, intellectual property right, moral right or any other legal right of any party.
This applies to any brand names & images, sporting team names, logos & images, famous people and their likenesses even in caricature and more.

For example:
Musicians - Janis Joplin, Elvis, etc.
Actors/Celebrities - Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, etc.
Sporting Teams - NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys, etc.
Vehicles - Ferrari, VW, Harley Davidson, etc
Brands - Dos Equis, Ghirardelli, etc.

Similarly this applies to keywords of the same nature that would produce unauthorized and misleading search results.

Note, vehicle manufacturers have protectable trade dress rights in the distinctive shapes of their vehicles. The unique exterior design and shape of the vehicle is their `mark’ or `trade dress' which distinguish the vehicle's exterior shape not simply as distinctively attractive designs, but as the Manufacturer’s creations. This “trade dress” right bars the use of any silhouette, picture, caricature, or reproduction of the shape or appearance of the Manufacturer’s vehicle.

3. In respect to clip art, stock and royalty free images, it is your responsibility to insure that you have the proper permission or license for commercial use of the image in this manner, for resale on print on demand paper greeting cards.
Q33: What are your Adult Content guidelines?
A33: GCU will consider adult content submissions. GCU will be very selective when reviewing images or creative content that is determined to be / exhibit: sexually explicit, nudity, violence, drug use, discrimination and profanity. By nature this is a subjective and discretionary determination. GCU may decline any submission it feels is not a good fit for GCU's market. GCU will NOT consider creative works considered to be pornographic.
Q34: What should I do if another artist is misusing my original creative works?
A34: GCUniverse will not tolerate the copying of another artist's creative work and enforces this policy in order to prevent such misuse, which includes images/art and verses. All GCUniverse artists have agreed to and accepted in the Terms & Conditions that they have or own the rights to use and sell all images/art and verse they submit.

Granted there may often be similar ideas and concepts, even verses, however at no time should an artist's cards be a clear "copy cat" of another's image/art or unique verse. GCUniverse has the right, and will upon our discretion terminate an artist from GCU and their use of our site and services.

To report misuse of your creative works please send an email to:
Q35: Can I cancel my account?
A35: First, we'd like to hear from you. If there are features and fixes you think we should consider please share them with us. We'll evaluate them and perhaps update the site for the benefit of other users. You can cancel your account at any time. Your account and online store will be closed and your cards will be removed. Please allow up to 24 hours for your cards to be removed from "Powered by BigDates-Solutions" sites. Click here to cancel your account.
Q37: Is there an approval process?
A37: Yes, we thoroughly review card submissions to make sure they are appropriate and meet our Submission Guidelines. You are required to accept the image terms and conditions with each card that you submit. Click here for image Terms and Conditions. Once your card is submitted, we will review it and notify you of its status. The GCU review team is relatively small and their work quite detailed. It can take on average 4 weeks for the card to be reviewed, however during peak periods it can exceed 6 weeks.
Q38: Do you have Submission Guidelines?
A38: Yes, GCU reviews all cards for quality and marketability. You may be asked at times to edit elements of your card to result in a more polished and professional design. Cards may also be declined for many reasons like image quality, unrelated image as well as lacking in general marketability. GCU reserves the right to decline cards or artists for any reason. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our Submission Guidelines here:
Q39: I'm good with words and have clever card ideas but I don't have access to high quality images. How can I participate?
A39: No worries! You can still create & sell cards using our Stock Card Creations service where you have access to millions of high quality stock images at no cost, see here: