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Store Name: Ed Caldwell Greetings

I have been creating greeting cards for family members for years, and am pleased to share my card ideas with you.

Store Created: December 27, 2018     Last Updated: January 18, 2019
Store Name: Laurie's Designs
Artist Name: Laurie Cairone

I have created art intuitively for more than 40 years. Why? Because creating soothes my soul and is a form of meditation for me. I enjoy working with Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylic, and Charcoal mediums. My abstracts have a great deal of symbolism within them that tell a story. My interests in the Universe,The Healing Arts,The Metaphysical World, and the Human Body influence my art. I have also practiced as a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and hold a Second Degree Reiki Certification. I have always found Art to be a therapeutic, relaxing, creative process that soothes my soul. Creativity is a form of meditation for me that allows a way of letting go of the dust that builds up over time. Art can be a healthy form of distraction for us. Creativity can open the door to self-reflection that can aid in helping us gain clarity and peace over every day life. Drawing can be a sacred process of creating images from the heart. I have enjoyed providing some “Meditative Doodling’’ classes to breast cancer survivors and to parents who have children with complex medical conditions in my spare time. These Doodling classes teach us how to de-stress through art and teach that we are all artists! All artwork (and associated descriptions) in this gallery is the original artwork of Laurie Cairone. All Rights Reserved. It is for sale, copyrighted to Laurie Cairone, and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.

Store Created: December 14, 2018     Last Updated: December 27, 2018
Store Name: Jason Wiser's Card Store

I am an Artist in the Boston area. I teach at Tufts and Harvard, and my art and animation have appeared in the Boston Globe and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Store Created: December 13, 2018     Last Updated: December 15, 2018
Store Name: Dale Simpson Design
Artist Name: Dale Simpson

Hi, I'm a freelance illustrator from Scotland in the UK. I like to illustrate whimsical art and characters that I hope you will love to see & share on cards with your friends & family!

Store Created: October 26, 2018     Last Updated: January 21, 2019
Store Name: North View Art Studio
Artist Name: North View Art Studio

Painting and drawing have always been a hobby, passion and pleasure for me. Watercolour is my favourite medium, although I also do work in pencil, charcoal and acrylic. I've always made cards for my family. Now I want to share my designs with a wider audience.

Store Created: October 12, 2018     Last Updated: October 17, 2018
Store Name: Imagine CG Images
Artist Name: S.Tarr

I am a freelance, CG artist from Australia. Having spent most of my life doing art in one form or another my path finally led me to creating 3d models for art and animation - and I love it! I am very happy to finally have the chance to create greeting cards featuring some of my art.

Store Created: September 18, 2018     Last Updated: November 07, 2018
Store Name: laughing stock cards
Artist Name: Aunt Hole

I'm just a girl alone in the world. Design of the Day winner - September 19, 2018 - congratulations! (September 19, 2018, 03:02:47 AM)

Store Created: September 12, 2018     Last Updated: December 28, 2018
Store Name: Sarah B
Artist Name: Sarah Beise

Store Created: August 31, 2018     Last Updated: September 14, 2018
Store Name: Design By Calani
Artist Name: Calani May

Store Created: August 05, 2018     Last Updated: November 29, 2018
Store Name: White Space Graphics
Artist Name: Janell Osborn

I have been a graphic designer for over 15 years. I have been creating cards for over 10 years.

Store Created: July 13, 2018     Last Updated: July 19, 2018
Store Name: Tam Moody 2 Greeting Card Store

I am an illustrator/graphic/fine artist from Southern Missouri. This store is an extension of Tam Moody Greeting Cards and I hope you will enjoy my new selections! For custom requests, please feel free to contact me!

Store Created: June 12, 2018     Last Updated: January 21, 2019
Store Name: Parquillian Design

I started making cards designs for friends and family years ago, and this has more recently evolved into using one word in many languages to create images from the worlds of nature and the imagination, starting with my World Peace Dove image in 2010, up to my latest designs including my Wor(l)d and Native series. You can see more of my designs at I hope you find my designs unique and enjoyable. Peace, Martin L Parker, Parquillian Design

Store Created: June 03, 2018     Last Updated: August 24, 2018
Store Name: Fine Art Cards Limited
Artist Name: JD

I create cards that reflect our fine art love, these are normally drawings or photographs.

Store Created: May 29, 2018     Last Updated: June 05, 2018
Artist Name: Mark Coyle

I've done commissions and exhibited and sold art through galleries. My illustration work includes various projects, adult and children's books, and several adult coloring books. Everything I do starts with a pencil sketch, sometimes many sketches, until I find what I'm looking for. My beloved dog, Wrigley, often models for me and is the benevolent dictator of my studio. He offers candid and beneficial critiques of my work. One woof means that the art is proceeding well. Two woofs mean, "Forget it buddy. It isn't working." Three woofs mean, "O.K. pal. Enough of this. It's time for lunch."

Store Created: May 22, 2018     Last Updated: December 07, 2018
Store Name:
Artist Name: Delores Orridge Naskrent

The colours of nature and my intuition guide my art: my most generous muses are light and sunshine. My work ranges through multiple media: acrylic paint, ink, marker, collage, pencil, pastels, pencil crayon, watercolour, and digital editing provide many ready paths of self-expression. My creative process can be seen as guided by nature, too. Often, I don’t plan how a piece will ultimately look, but work in many layers, creating new relationships and deepening the complexity, intricacy and subtlety of the images over time. Sometimes, I will put a piece away and come back to it and see the possibilities previously hidden. I accept the gifts that time, as well as nature, reveal to me. There is always more beauty to breathe in and breathe out. Combining visual images and wonderful words to communicate has been a lifelong passion: as a child I read voraciously and loved to write and illustrate books. It seems only natural that I am now a greeting card artist.

Store Created: May 11, 2018     Last Updated: September 20, 2018
Store Name: Fashion Flower Art

After an extensive career in event planning, I decided it was necessary to live creatively. So, in my early 40's, I left the security of the corporate world and moved to New York City to immerse myself in the craft of fashion illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After absorbing a year at F.I.T, I returned to Atlanta. I now operate out of my home studio where I layer watercolor, ink and graphite on a mixture of paper, mylar and acetate to illustrate the beauty that intertwines fashion, figures, flowers and botanicals....and the occasional cat!

Store Created: April 15, 2018     Last Updated: May 01, 2018
Store Name: Judel Art Card Store
Artist Name: Judel Art

From adult coloring books to greeting cards to children's building blocks, my art graces a variety of products. I draw inspiration from nature, Jewish traditions and art across the world, always adding my own personal twist. Eye-popping colors and elegant line work are my hallmark. I create my work by hand, using ink pens for the line work and gouache and colored pencils for color. I'm always looking for new ideas!

Store Created: April 08, 2018     Last Updated: November 16, 2018
Store Name: Sharon Dominick Photography Greeting Cards
Artist Name: Sharon Dominick

I'm a photographer and illustrator from the Pittsburgh, PA area who specializes in creating stock photography exclusively for iStock and Getty Images. My favorite types of images to create are my humorous Fisheye Characters, which you will find featured on many of my greeting cards here. I feel like the world can always use a little more silliness!

Store Created: March 22, 2018     Last Updated: January 21, 2019
Store Name: Elvira's Rascov Designs

Welcome to Elvira Rascov Designs a place where you can find cute and fun drawings made mostly in watercolor and ink.

Store Created: March 21, 2018     Last Updated: April 25, 2018
Store Name:
Artist Name: Beverly Hilliard

Whether writing, cartooning, or attempting to interact, I celebrate oddness without being (too) troublesome.

Store Created: March 05, 2018     Last Updated: October 17, 2018
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