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Store Name: Annalisa's Card Store
Artist Name: Annalisa Jones

Store Created: September 29, 2021     Last Updated: October 15, 2021
Store Name:
Artist Name: Ness Nordberg

Hi! I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer with a passion for creating greeting cards! For more cards, check out my other store nessnordberg

Store Created: September 28, 2021     Last Updated: October 16, 2021
Store Name: Awesome Cards
Artist Name: Marc Soltau

Store Created: September 08, 2021     Last Updated: September 23, 2021
Store Name:
Artist Name: Dru Kuhlman

Dru Kuhlman is an American artist and emerging brand, featuring out-bound licensing worldwide and focused on contemporary fantasy collage art designs for puzzles, greeting cards, journals, stationery, etc., as well as abstract alcohol ink designs for home decor.

Store Created: August 27, 2021     Last Updated: September 09, 2021
Store Name: Lili's Papers Co.
Artist Name: Lili's Papers Co.

Hi! I'm Lili and I love creating pretty greeting cards for all occasions. I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed creating them! You can follow me on Instagram at lili_s_papers_co

Store Created: July 04, 2021     Last Updated:
Store Name: BF Studios Card Store
Artist Name: Billi French

Store Created: May 18, 2021     Last Updated: July 03, 2021
Store Name: Catherine's Peacock
Artist Name: Catherine Devald

I am a Birth Mom and I began to create greeting cards when I reached reunion after 28 years. I saw there was a need in this area because not all relationships are so cut and dry. Some relationships require different verbiage than what is available in the mainstream area of greeting cards. My focus is on adoption and adoption reunion themes as well as cards in the Hungarian language but I will branch out to other themes as well if I see a need. I hope that you can find a greeting card that resonates with you. Cheers!

Store Created: May 17, 2021     Last Updated: June 21, 2021
Store Name: Wacky Day Cards
Artist Name: Rita Beck

As a freelance amusement writer, I firmly believe that life is too short to only care about what is critical, when it is far more gratifying to care a little about what is trivial! My noble goal in life is to help turn ordinary days into extraordinary days of laughter, positivity and inspiration by using my greatest talent, my insatiable passion for writing about those wild and wacky holiday-ish days that even you did not know you wanted to celebrate. Some people call me the Happy Daze Lady because of an old blog of mine, the HappyDazeBlog which was about happy, wacky and whimsical days you could celebrate, commemorate, or just plain contemplate! When I am not creating new greeting cards, I perform stand-up comedic readings to promote my book: 33 Annual Wild and Wacky Holiday-ish Occasions You Never Knew You Wanted to Celebrate!

Store Created: May 08, 2021     Last Updated: September 26, 2021
Store Name: Sara's Magical Card Emporium
Artist Name: Sara McLaughlin

I am a published author of books and articles about humor, Christianity and C.S. Lewis, mainly. A former newspaper columnist, I wrote an award-winning humor column in two daily newspapers and taught English at Texas Tech University for 34 years. I retired and recently moved near my family in beautiful Wisconsin.

Store Created: April 05, 2021     Last Updated: April 22, 2021
Store Name: Laughing Cat Designs Card Store
Artist Name: Gail Anderson-Toombs

Store Created: March 28, 2021     Last Updated:
Store Name: in_pictures
Artist Name: Inga Rawa

Inga Rawa, artist and illustrator, create patterns and cute characters digital and in watercolor. Welcome to my in_pictures store

Store Created: March 06, 2021     Last Updated: October 15, 2021
Store Name:
Artist Name: Cicely Hursh

Store Created: February 15, 2021     Last Updated:
Store Name: Farida Gallery
Artist Name: Farida Greenfield

I'm a watercolour artist. I live in a lovely town called York, in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom with my husband and two children. My interest in art began since I was in high school. I was inspired by Disney's and Japanese animation. In 2003, I started painting using acrylics paints and also try different media like oil paints, watercolour and pencils. I fell in love with the lightness and the transparency of watercolour, which made me to stick with this media ever since. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, flowers, countryside and towns. Painting is my passion and it brings so much joy into my life. It will be a pleasure for me if my artworks can brighten up someone's day.

Store Created: February 11, 2021     Last Updated: October 12, 2021
Store Name: Evie's Card Store
Artist Name: Ewa Wojnarowicz

Store Created: January 31, 2021     Last Updated: April 14, 2021
Store Name:
Artist Name: Susan Gutnik

Hello Friends! I am Susan Gutnik! I am Owner / Designer / Creative Director at Thrive Creative LLC, a Design & Marketing Studio. I have had a lifelong passion for creating greeting cards and the connections they build between people.

Store Created: December 30, 2020     Last Updated: January 26, 2021
Store Name: walnut street studio Card Store
Artist Name: chris pagano

I have always drawn, ever since I can remember. Some of my earliest recollections are of drawing get well cards with my crayons for my relatives and neighbors. My grandparents were instrumental in my life's choice to be an artist. They always had colored pencils, pastels, charcoal or drawing pencils on hand for me to use when I came to visit. And they always encouraged me to draw something. Much later in life, I learned that the art supplies they gave me to use when I was a young child were originally those of my uncle, their son, who had hoped to be an artist too. Artists are compelled to draw what they love and the love of my childhood was animals. I painted and drew them every chance I got. And even as I grew older and into today, my passion in life is animals. I dearly love them and have enjoyed painting and drawing them my whole art career. In my career as a professional wildlife artist, I have specialized in detailed acrylic paintings of wild birds native to the Mid-Atlantic region. Most of my ideas have come from observing the wildlife found in the woods, fields and waterways of our Central Pennsylvania home. The most important aspect of a painting is that the artwork is based on an original idea. An original idea is one conceived of by the artist through something they have seen or experienced, felt or imagined. The ideas for my paintings come from something I have seen and observed --- walking in the woods and noting the way the sunlight plays through the trees, chancing upon a fox tracking across an open snowy field, a great blue heron flying over a marsh that I see while driving, watching a cardinal in my backyard when I sip my morning coffee, sitting with my cats as they lounge on the windowsill and seeing the way the afternoon sun plays over their furry bodies. I am well known for my realistic wildlife and moody, impressionistic landscapes. My style of painting is realistic, impressionistic and/or illustrative in nature, depending on the subje ...

Store Created: December 19, 2020     Last Updated: April 27, 2021
Store Name: Toon Twist Cards
Artist Name: Michael Garner

62 year old lifer in the restaurant biz. Creator of the book Toon Twist (available at Amazon) I've been told I am funny at times...

Store Created: December 03, 2020     Last Updated: October 06, 2021
Store Name: Swirl Family
Artist Name: Swirl Family

Store Created: November 29, 2020     Last Updated:
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