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Store Name: Nikola's Card Store
Artist Name: Nikola Stojanov

Store Created: May 08, 2022     Last Updated:
Store Name: Grace Comic Greetings
Artist Name: Rolaine & Buddy Valentine

I was an internationally syndicated cartoonist for 30 years after receiving a PhD in physics from Florida State University. I had the best job ever making my fans and myself laugh every day. My assistant, Rolaine, caught humor from me and now creates giggles about her beloved chocolate. Together we want you to LOL.

Store Created: April 16, 2022     Last Updated:
Store Name: Inspired Art Studios
Artist Name: Inspired Art Studios

Professional Digital Design Studio

Store Created: April 01, 2022     Last Updated: April 25, 2022
Store Name: Fun Cardz
Artist Name: Elaine Iwaasa

Store Created: February 25, 2022     Last Updated: March 09, 2022
Store Name: Ella Prints Cards
Artist Name: Ella Prints Cards

I'm a UK illustrator who loves designing pretty cards and stationery - I love to spread a little joy around the world and if you choose one of my cards to send to a friend/relative - that makes 3 of us very happy!

Store Created: February 24, 2022     Last Updated: February 28, 2022
Store Name:
Artist Name: Kim Wells

Store Created: January 27, 2022     Last Updated: May 12, 2022
Store Name:
Artist Name: Elizabeth Stepp

Store Created: November 10, 2021     Last Updated:
Store Name: ArticynCreative
Artist Name: Cynthia Coletti

I have been a graphic designer for many years and always dreamed of having my own greeting card business

Store Created: November 03, 2021     Last Updated: November 11, 2021
Store Name: Red Bird's Card Store
Artist Name: Deborah Roy

I am a nature and wildlife photographer with a strong desire to share my love of all things flora and fauna. I love creating using images that portray the natural beauty of nature. As a Registered Nurse and naturalist, I believe nature has significant benefits to both the body and mind.

Store Created: October 29, 2021     Last Updated: December 13, 2021
Store Name: Annalisa's Card Store
Artist Name: Annalisa Jones

Store Created: September 29, 2021     Last Updated: January 17, 2022
Store Name: Ness Nordberg Two
Artist Name: Ness Nordberg

Hi! I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer with a passion for creating greeting cards! For more cards, check out my other store nessnordberg

Store Created: September 28, 2021     Last Updated: March 09, 2022
Store Name:
Artist Name: Dru Kuhlman

Dru Kuhlman is an American artist and emerging brand, featuring out-bound licensing worldwide and focused on contemporary fantasy collage art designs for puzzles, greeting cards, journals, stationery, etc., as well as abstract alcohol ink designs for home decor.

Store Created: August 27, 2021     Last Updated: September 09, 2021
Store Name: Lili's Papers Co.
Artist Name: Lili's Papers Co.

Hi! I'm Lili and I love creating pretty greeting cards for all occasions. I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed creating them! You can follow me on Instagram at lili_s_papers_co

Store Created: July 04, 2021     Last Updated:
Store Name: BF Studios Card Store
Artist Name: Billi French

Store Created: May 18, 2021     Last Updated: July 03, 2021
Store Name: Catherine's Peacock
Artist Name: Catherine Devald

I am a Birth Mom and I began to create greeting cards when I reached reunion after 28 years. I saw there was a need in this area because not all relationships are so cut and dry. Some relationships require different verbiage than what is available in the mainstream area of greeting cards. My focus is on adoption and adoption reunion themes as well as cards in the Hungarian language but I will branch out to other themes as well if I see a need. I hope that you can find a greeting card that resonates with you. Cheers!

Store Created: May 17, 2021     Last Updated: June 21, 2021
Store Name: Wacky Day Cards
Artist Name: Rita Beck

As a freelance amusement writer, I firmly believe that life is too short to only care about what is critical, when it is far more gratifying to care a little about what is trivial! My noble goal in life is to help turn ordinary days into extraordinary days of laughter, positivity and inspiration by using my greatest talent, my insatiable passion for writing about those wild and wacky holiday-ish days that even you did not know you wanted to celebrate. Some people call me the Happy Daze Lady because of an old blog of mine, the HappyDazeBlog which was about happy, wacky and whimsical days you could celebrate, commemorate, or just plain contemplate! When I am not creating new greeting cards, I perform stand-up comedic readings to promote my book: 33 Annual Wild and Wacky Holiday-ish Occasions You Never Knew You Wanted to Celebrate!

Store Created: May 08, 2021     Last Updated: December 01, 2021
Store Name: Sara's Magical Card Emporium
Artist Name: Sara McLaughlin

I am a published author of books and articles about humor, Christianity and C.S. Lewis, mainly. A former newspaper columnist, I wrote an award-winning humor column in two daily newspapers and taught English at Texas Tech University for 34 years. I retired and recently moved near my family in beautiful Wisconsin.

Store Created: April 05, 2021     Last Updated: April 22, 2021
Store Name: Laughing Cat Designs Card Store
Artist Name: Gail Anderson-Toombs

Store Created: March 28, 2021     Last Updated:
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