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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: Does it cost anything?
Q2: Is it easy to set up my cards?
Q3: What if I need help getting started, do you have any tutorials or videos?
Q4: Do I keep the rights to my images?
Q5: What precautions have you taken to protect my images?
Q6: What are the file format specifications for uploading card images?
Q7: Can I make my images available as free Ecards?
Q7: Do you have any tools to help me prepare my image properly?
Q8: I don't want an online store, can I still join?
Q9: How are orders fulfilled and cards printed?
Q10: What is ''Powered by BigDates-Solutions''?
Q11: What about embellished cards?
Q12: Where do the card buyers come from?
Q13: How do I know how much traffic my store and cards are getting?
Q14: How much money will I earn?
Q15: How are my earnings impacted by special promotions & discounts?
Q16: Who collects payment from the customer?
Q17: Are there quantity discounts?
Q17: How and when will my fees be paid?
Q18: How will buyers find my cards?
Q19: How do my cards get suggested?
Q20: On which sites will my cards be offered?
Q21: When do my cards appear on these other sites?
Q22: How can I make sure my cards are in the correct categories?
Q23: What do email reminders look like?
Q24: How can I increase my cards' exposure?
Q25: How can I be a ''featured artist'' on your homepage?
Q26: Do you want my paper card inventory?
Q27: Is there a limit to the number of cards I can offer?
Q28: Can I order my own cards for my own use?
Q29: What will my cards look like?
Q30: What are your terms and conditions of service?
Q31: What size are the cards and what paper do you use?
Q32: What are my image responsibilities?
Q33: What are your Adult Content guidelines?
Q34: What should I do if another artist is misusing my original creative works?
Q35: Can I cancel my account?
Q37: Is there an approval process?
Q38: Do you have Submission Guidelines?
Q39: I'm good with words and have clever card ideas but I don't have access to high quality images. How can I participate?