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Hello and Welcome to my store! I am excited to have my art on the internet for you to enjoy. So, enjoy and thank you for coming to my store. MORE CARD DESIGNS COMING SOON!
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Birthday Sloth card
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Birthday Dragon card
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Very nice! I love Colored Pencil, and you are really good at it!! Very nice illustrations and designs. I bet you will sell lots of cards, and I can't wait to see more!

John from Cottage Creek Greetings here on GCU
guest  |  December 22, 2010
Nice work! Welcome to GCU and good luck!
guest  |  December 22, 2010
Your artwork is wonderful and your cards delightful. Welcome to GCU!
Harvey  |  December 22, 2010
Welcome to GCU, Taisen. Love your illustrations. You have an eye for detail and you do very well with colored pencil.You seem to add a bit of whimsy in your drawings which will sell nicely. It won't be long before you sell your first card.
All the best to you,
guest  |  December 21, 2010
Fantasic cards, they are wonderful, Welcome to GCU these are so much fun and awsome art (Hugs Moonie) x
Tanya  |  December 21, 2010