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Welcome to SMILE FACTORY GREETINGS, where every card you give is sure to bring a smile! I had always wanted to create greetings cards, but never managed to find the time. Well, I finally found the time! I have long been a fan of greeting cards and in creating Smile Factory Greetings I wanted to do something truly inspirational - I wanted to create cards that made people smile. I also wanted to create "art." Greeting cards have long been a staple of Holiday decoration, lining countless fireplace mantles and coffee tables, but most Holiday cards are cluttered with text on the front that truly takes away from the spirit of the art. You'll find we rarely clutter our covers with words, that is unless of course you are purchasing a card with a personalized cover option. We want your loved ones to be able to display the cards you gave them proudly, year after year, making their homes warm with the spirit of your greeting. In fact, we have customers that purchased cards for themselves simply to decorate their homes! So why not sell the card in traditional stores? Well, I chose to create an online greeting card store rather than go the traditional route because it gives you so many more options at a price that is comparable to cards you'll find in a store. With many of our cards you have the advantage of adding your own photos to the cover and personalizing the cover with your own witty verse or sentiment. You'll also find that because we are an on-demand card purveyor we can offer many more designs for your viewing pleasure. So, please take a moment to brows my store and enjoy. Be sure to check back here frequently as I am regularly adding new colorful and whimsical cards that are sure to bring a smile to your recipients face.
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I don't have one of these cards,but my husband Bill does such beautiful artwork doesn't he?
-Bill's wife Liane
guest  |  February 08, 2012