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Welcome to OtterTail Art greeting card store! I specialize in pet designs, particularly Labrador Retriever dogs, based on my original dog paintings, photographs and digital creations. Why OtterTail? Labrador Retrievers are my passion. The written standards of the Labrador Retriever worldwide agree that the Labrador’s tail is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the breed. It should be thick at the base, gradually tapering, medium length, free of feathering, and clothed thickly with short, dense coat, thus giving the ‘rounded’ appearance described as the “otter” tail. My own Labs are my life and my inspiration. OtterTail is the name I chose for my dogs, my home and my art. You will also find many scenic views of nature, flowers, skies, and beautiful natural landscapes. These are here to share with you the beauty of our world as I see it. You can change or remove the verse inside all of my cards and even add your personal message before printing. Make it easy on yourself by having cards sent directly to your friends and family. Contact me if you have any special requests and be sure to visit my website to see more of my nature, pet and Labrador art at Enjoy and thank you for shopping.
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1 - 9 of 9 cardsPages: 1           

Amy ... gorgeous, darling images!!!! I adore your dog captures!!!!!!! SUCH expressive faces!!!!
Best Regards, Lois
Lois  |  November 20, 2009
Great cards! Nice use of your dog images. Paul (
Paul  |  November 09, 2009
I love your dog cards, especially the black lab with the wreath around his neck. Reminds me of our dog that passed away a couple of years ago.
Brenda  |  November 08, 2009
nice cards! I especially love the dog cards...almost as much as I love your profile picture. Reminds me of home (I have three boxers..and fixin to have the third litter of puppies, and they all think they are lap dogs no matter how old they get!).
Great start on your store!
Rhonda (I haven't actually named my store yet! LOL)
guest  |  September 14, 2009
Amy-- you have an amazing gallery. I, too, share your love of dogs.
Nan  |  September 13, 2009
I absolutely love love love your lab cards! Especially the "Boo" one. :) --Robin (AngelDogCards)
guest  |  August 15, 2009
Welcome to GCU Amy! I love you work and I love animals. I currently share my life with a lab/golden rescue...can't imagine life without her. I look forward to seeing more of your cards.
Salon of Art Greetings

Doreen  |  June 23, 2009