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Hello and Welcome to my store! I am excited to have my art on the internet for you to enjoy. So, enjoy and thank you for coming to my store.
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What lovely artwork Mary. I was astounded to see the materials you had to use along the way,
how inventive and interesting. Great cards.
Inkflo @ Chez Inkflo
Angela  |  October 13, 2012
what a fun & unique collection!
judith  |  April 26, 2012
I love your unique style of art! Don't ever change and copy another artist's look. Yours is what GCU needs. I wish you many sales and success!
Gail Pepin
Gail  |  April 01, 2012
a really fun collection, Mary!
guest  |  March 16, 2012
Love you store! You have a lot of beautiful cards!
Naty  |  March 14, 2012
Hey Mary! I loved your card fish card!! (going under the knife) I thought it was great!
Mary Kay  |  February 21, 2012
Hi your cards! I see we are neighbours...I'm in St. Helens Park (c/town) Cheryl :-)
cheryl  |  February 20, 2012
Mary, We think your cards are fabulous. You have such a wonderful collection and any customer will find exactly what they are looking for. Your artistry of combing photo, drawing, painting, etc. is truly amazing. Keep up the great work! Susan and Jay
Jay  |  January 28, 2012
Mary, Your cards are lovely. Congratulations on Design Of The Day!
I gave your mention on my blog.
Janet Lee
Janet  |  July 23, 2011
Mary, I love the Two Dachshunds under the Mistletoe. Very nice store, good luck!!

Terry  |  July 14, 2011
Congratulations on your 1000 th Card, I am still to achieve that status... lovely cards fellow Aussie... Anita
Anita  |  June 15, 2011
Hey Mary - love the fish out of water illustration!!! great cards, best of luck,

Graphic Allsortz Cardstore
Rachel  |  April 02, 2011
You have some unusual and beautiful images on your cards Mary.

Eve  |  March 29, 2011
I love your cards, especially the embroidery ones. Bravo!
Michele  |  August 12, 2010
I love the variety you have, but mostly like the mixed media pieces or at least that's what I'm guessing they are, like the one you're using for your profile picture. Really love that one! - Randy
R T  |  July 22, 2010
Fabulous Paintings, love the Cooling Off one........ good luck ----- Hugs - Moonie
Tanya  |  July 20, 2010
I was very impressed with the quality of the cards as well, especially for the price. Your cards are adorable with wonderful color and designs.
Rosalie  |  July 20, 2010
Your cards are so unique - love the combination of textures and colors. Keep them coming!
Luci  |  July 05, 2010
I really like your shop, your cards are beautiful.
Brenda  |  May 20, 2010
Very nice cards especially the sausage dogs!
Mary  |  May 06, 2010
You have some very nice cards-good luck! c.a.teresa (cat)
Samara  |  April 28, 2010