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Friendship Cards

A friendship is a relationship worth honoring and celebrating. Let your friends know you appreciate and care about them, after all, friends are flowers in the garden of life. Don't take your friendships for granted, instead reach out and honor these sacred relationships today. We offer thousands of cards for you to choose from, to find just the one for your friend.

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Friendship Rabbit and Sleeping Bear card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Warm wishes to a very special friend!
Artist: Paris Bottman
Artist Notes: A young boy rabbit is picking berries while keeping an eye on the large sleeping bear in the foreground. The message is to enjoy life while you can, things can change quickly.
Product Id: 1427504
Life is better with a friend card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Thank you for being my friend!
Artist: Edward M. Fielding
Artist Notes: Life is better with a friend, closeup of two starfish on the beach holding hands.
Product Id: 1078246
Bear Hugs Friendship Card Featuring Lovable Polar …
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: There is nothing a hug can’t fix
Artist: Ron Kanfi
Artist Notes: Two wet, white polar bears hug it out in the wild on the front of this charming card. While a drawing of a cute cub is featured along with a one line clasp mantra on the inside of this happy, lovely, heartfelt, hold-me card. Expect a big bear hug in return, when you give someone special the gift of a warm, photo and paper, loving embrace.
Product Id: 1545824
Black and White Garden Cat Friendship Card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: May your day be filled with simple pleasures, and your garden lush and thriving!
Artist: Paris Bottman
Artist Notes: A male black and white cat in trousers held up by suspenders and a striped shirt is tending his large sunflower in the garden. . . . Colored pencil drawing. The image uses Paris' whimsically dressed, human-like cat to reflect the thoughts and feelings we need to express.
Product Id: 1243538
Woman Bra Shopping but something seems a bit diffe…
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: (blank inside)
Artist: Scott Nelson
Artist Notes: Bras seem to come in all shapes and sizes at this store.
Product Id: 1115392
Friends card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Friends are just so comfortable!
Artist: Marilee Harrald-Pilz
Artist Notes: Whimsical watercolor illustration for a friend - just to say "hi" or to keep in touch. Especially for anyone who loves cats or butterflies.
Product Id: 173048
Friendship - A Lasting Impression card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Our friendship is pricelsss and has left a lasting impression.
Artist: ©Alda Monteschio
Product Id: 188577
You’re just my cup of tea, friendship, cups of tea…
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: I am lucky to count you as a good friend
Artist: Cisillia Tay
Artist Notes: Rows upon rows of cups of tea, each cup with its own gift wrapped sugar cube. Alongside some of the rows are little red hearts.
Product Id: 1333024
Friendship fills your Heart Music fills your Soul …
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Both resonate in your memory filling you with a sense of harmony, long after the encounter fades.
Artist: ©Doreen Erhardt & Eugenia Beecher
Artist Notes: Music fills your soul like friendship fills your heart, such a wonderful message to share with a friend who loves player guitar.
Product Id: 900484
Life saver card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: It is easy and pleasant to find friends to share good times. But it is difficult and a true blessing to find a friend who will help you through the bad times. You are one of those blessings that have helped me enormously. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!
Artist: Howard Evan Weintraub
Product Id: 76322
Ewe Hug Friendship or Encouragement Card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: I don’t need a reason or any special day to let you know I care for you and send a hug your way!
Artist: Tammy Moody
Product Id: 129877
Thinking of You Rain or Shine Always Friends Littl…
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Rain or shine, you’ll always be my friend.
Artist: Cathie Richardson
Artist Notes: A friendship greeting card decorated with two little girls with their little dog dressed in yellow raincoats under a big green umbrella on a rainy spring day. Sweet card to send to a special friend!
Product Id: 78935
For a special person with check flowers and butter…
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Your thoughtfulness and friendship have made such a difference in my life. Thank you.
Artist: eugenia bacon
Artist Notes: Show your friend how special they are with this bright card of hand drawn colourful checkered flowers and graceful butterfly on a high contrast deep blue background.
Product Id: 1528730
Wine Themed Friendship, Love Having You as A Frien…
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: ... we can always find something good to "wine" about!
Artist: Stephanie Laird
Artist Notes: A fun and wine themed friendship card that says you love having them as a friend, for many reasons, but one of the reasons is you can "wine" together!
Product Id: 1477198
Dogs,Dogs,Dogs card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: A faithful friend is the medicine of life - Ecclesiasticus 6:16
Artist: Carolyn Grossman, Designer
Artist Notes: Colorful die cut paper images were known to Victorians as "scraps."Children and adults pasted scraps of everyday subjects, including their favorite dogs on everyday objects.Greeting cards and holiday ornaments were embellished with scraps but their most popular use were in their prized scrap albums.
Product Id: 260042
Friendship cup of tea with daisy bouquet card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: ... for so many reasons.
Artist: Maria Dryfhout
Artist Notes: Tea in vintage teacup with daisy bouquet on soft green textured background for friendship.
Product Id: 541970
Ewe Rock - encouragement, achievement card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: EWE are amazing my friend!
Artist: Eh-Okay Art Cards
Artist Notes: Happy sheep performs a little outdoor charade on a sunny day, beside her favorite rock and announces that EWE ROCK, my friend. Oh yes you do!
Product Id: 1262756
Friendship - Face Reality card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: We need better mirrors.
Artist: Jen Cosgrove
Product Id: 42194
Looks Like It’s Coffee Time card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Coffee Cups are like old friends. You can never have enough of them!
Artist: Annie Lang
Artist Notes: When the daily coffee cups begin stacking up, it's a sure sign that it may be time to get together with your coffee buddies
Product Id: 1388052
Thank You for standing by me – Sunflower friendshi…
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: When I’m down, there you are to bring sunshine, blue skies and the warm embrace of a summer day. Thank you for your friendship.
Artist: S.J. Zarco
Artist Notes: In a sea of summer color, a sunflower stands tall offering support to his neighbor. A bright and colorful way for you to say "Thank You" to someone who offers the support and lift that only friends can.
Product Id: 1148478
Red Hat Secret Pal with Dog card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: And I’m glad you’re mine!
Artist: Starstock Greetings
Artist Notes:
Product Id: 357474
Happy Sunshine and Smiling Flowers card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: You always give me something to SMILE about! Wishing you a Bright and Happy Day.
Artist: Annie Lang
Artist Notes: If you'd like to share a few sunny thoughts, happy smiles and lots of sunshine to brighten up the day, these cheery flowers will help you do just that!
Product Id: 1388036
Friendship for Friend, Ice Cream Soda with cherry …
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: ... having you as a friend!
Artist: Teri Nelson Kuster
Artist Notes: This colorful card is a fun way to tell your friend how much you value your friendship. It features a large ice cream soda with two straws and a large, red cherry on top. Message reads "What a treat - having you as a friend!"
Product Id: 1067239
Friendship Thinking of You Scenic Lake View card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: ... today I was reminded of all the wonderful memories we’ve shared in our years of friendship. I cherish those memories and I cherish you!
Artist: Doreen Erhardt
Artist Notes: This beautiful scenic lake with the soft sunset hues give us pause for reflection, bringing back memories of special times with friends who are so important - making it a wonderful card to send to say "I'm thinking of you".
Product Id: 422854
Friendship - Retro card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: It means more to me than you will ever know. There, I said it.
Artist: Tom Rent
Artist Notes: This can also be changed into an announcement, invitation, or congratulations card by you changing the inside text using the Personalization option - It's EASY! Free Modifications. Contact me through my Card Store. - Tom Rent
Product Id: 486658
Friends Forever, with Flower Basket card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: I just can’t imagine what the world would be without you.
Artist: Robin Pushe'e
Product Id: 810707
Friendship Humor A Letter From You is Like a Ray o…
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: So where’s the damn letter?
Artist: Laughing Hippo Studio
Artist Notes: Front of card shows a sun with rays. Card says, A letter from you is like a ray of sunshine!. Inside says, So where's the damn letter?
Product Id: 1475260
Friend - Sheep card
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Ewe are AWESOME!
Artist: Designz2U
Product Id: 476847
Friendship, High-heeled Shoes with Boxes for Frien…
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: You’re the top of the pile and a step above the rest!
Artist: *Sandra Rose Designs
Artist Notes: A cute friendship card with cute high-heeled shoes and colorful boxes. Perfect to say "Hello, I'm thinking of you" to a friend who likes fashion and accessories.
Product Id: 205696
I Will Be Here / Life is Fragile Card - Bubble in …
Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: ... but I will always be here for you.
Artist: Tracy Friesen
Artist Notes: An enchantingly soft and beautiful image of a bubble tenuously sitting on a bed of grass, this card is a wonderful way to tell someone that, no matter what, you will always be there for them. Life may be fragile, moments may not last for long, but you will be there if and when they need you.
Product Id: 936323
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