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Thank you so much, Debbie, for the great work on filling my request on the card "Paw Prints on My Heart". I appreciate the time and trouble you took to accommodate me. Greeting Card Universe is lucky to have you!
Carmella  |  May 01, 2020
I ordered 13 bridesmaid cards and I love it. She was very helpful and was willing to work with me in how I wanted the cards. I still can't stop looking at the cards. I will definitely recommend her to any of my friends. I loved it and thank you sooo much for everything :)..
Ansu  |  October 13, 2012
You did a fantastic job on " Paw Prints on My Heart" You fit all the pictures I wanted on the front perfectly, and beautifully. The saying on the inside was so beautifully done, my daughter, husband and grandson will love it, I'm sure they will treasure it forever-Thank you so much!!! Dolores Fisher

guest  |  April 13, 2009
Hello Debbie, I thought I'd visit your gcu strore after seeing your work at zazzle - 'Life is beautiful' . . . wow, that card, the photo combined with the simple but thoughtful words is a real favourite of mine. Am I the first to submit a testimonial? - I can't believe it!.
Leslie  |  October 04, 2008
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