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17 Birthday Cards for Cat Lovers

Looking for a special birthday card for the cat-lover in your life? No need to look any further, we have the perfect birthday card for you! Our cat-lovers birthday cards feature a variety of precious kitties offering birthday greetings in all sorts of ways. From funny to "punny", whimsical to just plain pretty, our unique cat-inspired birthday cards feature the most adorable cats. We have just the right birthday card that is sure to please even the most discriminating cat-lover!

Spa Treatments for Your Birthday - Funny Cats Card

What could be cuter than a kitty spa? Fun and whimsical, this lovely birthday card features a sweet kitty spa. Treatments are given by your favorite pets! The perfect birthday card for someone who loves cats and enjoys spa treatments. The cat spa team offers kitty-style treatments including exfoliation, massage, acupuncture and body wraps. These precious kitties bring a special birthday greeting for that special person in your life. Give the cat and spa lover in your life this fun, whimsical, light-hearted birthday greeting! View Card >

Famous Cats in Hiss-tory, Cat Puns Humorous Birthday Card

Funny cats puns based on famous people is "hiss-tory" make this humorous birthday card quite a delight! Based on the famous historical characters of Picasso, Newton, Rorschach, Schrödinger, Franklin and Kandinsky, these clever cat puns will put a smile on the face of any cat lover. Playing off the famous names, the illustrations feature the famous cats in their "punny" positions. This is a cute card that will appeal to even the driest sense of humor. The cat lover who also enjoys a good pun will be elated about these historically famous kitties. View Card >

Humorous Cat ROFLOL Birthday Card

Featuring a lovely photograph of a beautiful orange tabby, this birthday card offers a humorous twist on a modern day greeting. The sweet orange tabby is rolling on the floor laughing out loud (ROFLOL) after discovering how old the person is. Using the language of social media, the adorable orange tabby cat is shown rolling on the ground, obviously enjoying a good laugh. The cat lover who enjoys spending some time on social media will enjoy the humor in this charming birthday card. View Card >

Ecstatic Persian Cat Birthday Card

Talk about a grumpy cat! This little Persian grouch offers a tongue-in-cheek birthday greeting. Although you cannot tell by the look on his face, this little charmer is simply "ecstatic" over offering the cat-lover in your life some rather cranky birthday wishes. Beautifully photographed, this fun card features a gorgeous white Persian with an attitude. The inside greeting can be customized to suit your needs. This fun and grumpy feline greeting is perfect for the special cat lover in your life who may be less than enthusiastic about growing older. View Card >

Old Cats Jigsaw Puzzle Birthday Card (Bud & Tony)

For your cat-loving friend who may experience the occasional "senior moment", this adorable birthday greeting is sure to please. Featuring two older felines, Bud and Tony, the joke is in the "mishearing" of what they are saying to each other. The two older kitties are putting together a jigsaw puzzle and enjoying the comfortable company of old friends. This fun card recognizes those special feelings that come with long-term friendships. This whimsical little delight will appeal to Baby Boomers who enjoy jigsaw puzzles and silly cat humor. View Card >

Happy Birthday Shameless Cat Lover Card

The "purr-fect" card for the shameless cat lover in your life. These adorable cartoon kitties bring birthday greetings in the most adorable way. Extend a delightful birthday greeting to your favorite hard-core cat lover with this sweet card. Featuring a blue, pink and neutral background with a striped accent, with an assortment of precious cartoon cats, this birthday greeting is sure to be a hit with any cat lover. The inside greeting wishes the recipient a "purr-fect" day. Shameless cat lovers will adore this delightful birthday greeting. View Card >

Birthday Noms Has No Caloreez, Cat eating Grass Card

Playing off popular internet memes, this adorable kitty, chomping on grass, lets you know in his own kitty language that "birthday noms has no caloreez". Featuring a gorgeous photo of an equally gorgeous cat, this whimsical card gives the recipient permission to enjoy a calorie-free birthday celebration. Written in the cat’s voice, this adorable card is sure to delight the cat lover in your life. This precious greeting is perfect for the person who enjoys internet memes and knows that kitties really do have their own language! View Card >

Funny Forgetful Cat Birthday Card

This adorable birthday greeting features a cute take on getting older, from the perspective of a cat. The twist in this charming cartoon is that the distressed little cat has forgotten what he intended to pee on! This birthday greeting takes a light-hearted jab at the forgetfulness everyone struggles with as they get older. The two cartoon kitties are having a conversation and one comments that he forgot what he came into the room to pee on. Your cat-loving friends who are getting a little older will relate to the humor and take delight in this endearing birthday greeting. View Card >

Funny Birthday Card - Cat and Dog On a Park Bench

This funny card features a play on the famous "life is like a box of chocolates" quote from Forrest Gump. In this humorous little ditty, a cat and dog are sitting on a park bench. This card features a cartoon sketch of a cat and dog in conversation while sitting on a park bench. The dog thinks the cat is talking about chocolates, but the cat is really only interested in the box. In the end, the dog comments that the cat is weird. This cleverly-done play on the famous quote from Forrest Gump will bring a smile to the cat lover in your life. View Card >

40th Birthday Card with Cats (Bud & Tony)

Our delightful cat pair, Bud and Tony, help you wish a 40th birthday greeting to the cat-lover in your life. Never ones to pass up a good time, these two charming kitties are all ready to party. While sipping on a "meowgarita", Bud and Tony offer the cat lover in your life a special 40th birthday greeting. This adorable card is perfect for the special cat lover in your life. It may even help ease the pain of turning 40 a little! View Card >

Circle of Cats Brithday Card

The perfect birthday card for your cat-loving friend who enjoys a little satire. This little delight features a skeptical human discovering the "Circle of Cats". In this cleverly-done play on words, Stan encounters the "Circle of Cats". The inside greeting encourages the card recipient to "Enjoy the wonders of life you find on your journey". This whimsical play on words is sure to delight even the most skeptical of your cat-loving friends. View Card >

Happy Birthday to Grandmother Pretty Kitty Hearts and Flowers Card

With a beautiful white kitty and pink hearts and flowers, this special birthday greeting has everything for a grandmother to love. Of course, she will think it is extra special, just because it came from her grandchild. Featuring a white cat with a pink background, this sweet card offers your grandmother a loving and heartfelt birthday greeting. Made for the grandmother who loves cats almost as much as she loves her grandchildren, this pretty card offers a sweet birthday sentiment. Your grandmother will love it! View Card >

Customizable Happy Birthday to Mom - Three Shedding Cats Card

What do all cats have in common? Shedding! This whimsical take on shedding cats will delight the cat-loving mom in your life. This birthday greeting features three adorable cartoon kitties shaking it out, with a clever play on words for the inside greeting. The adorable tuxedo, black-long haired and orange tabby cats greet your mom with a flurry of cat hair. Inside the card, our furry friends refer to those who truly give a "shed". This delightful card is perfect for the mom who loves cats, hair and all! View Card >

You're the Cat's Whiskers, Happy Birthday Card

A sophisticated kitty, elegantly decked-out in a tux and sipping champagne offers the special cat-lover in your life an upper-crust birthday greeting. This charming card features a mustached cat, dressed in a tux, holding a balloon, with a glass of champagne. Destined to delight even the most sophisticated of cat lovers, this delightful card is sure to bring a smile! View Card >

Confused Persian Cat Happy Birthday Card

Poor little kitty is so confused! He just cannot figure out why you have a birthday every year and never look any older! Featuring a precious black Persian with a look of confusion on his face, this adorable card with delight any of your cat-loving friends. Based on the idea that the card recipient never seems to age, our adorable kitty shows the confusion on his face as to why that might be so. This precious Persian with his adorable look of confusion will be a sure hit with your cat-loving friends who are getting older. View Card >

Customizable Birthday for friend - Kitty and Birds in Tree with Sign Card

This precious card is so sweet and sure to delight your cat-loving friend! Featuring an adorable orange tabby snuggled up with his bird friends, this whimsical cartoon kitty will bring a smile to your face. The orange tabby is nice and cozy on a tree branch with his bird friends sitting on his curled up tail and singing. A sign hanging from the tree offers your friend a birthday greeting. The sign can be customized to fit your needs. The lovely inside sentiment will warm your heart. An adorable and delightful birthday greeting for your cat-loving friend, it can be customized to make it even more personal for that special friend in your life. View Card >

Sister Birthday Greetings Vintage Kitty Tag Card

For your sweet, cat-loving sister, this charming vintage birthday card is sure to please. With a damask background and lace, this beautiful card is a tribute to days gone by. A sweet kitten graces the front with a simple greeting inside, wishing your sister "simple pleasures" on her birthday. The subtle coloring and vintage design make this a delightful birthday greeting for a sweet sister. Give your sister a sweet, vintage greeting that she will surely treasure. View Card >
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"My daughter is a massage therapist and loves cats, so I purchased your very clever spa birthday card for her birthday. I have purchased cards in the past and have been very happy with the quality and the quick delivery. I would highly recommend them to friends and family."
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"I loved the cards. I always give cards to my husband from our cats (as well as from me) for birthday and father's day. It is had to find from the cat cards. I tried your website and I found a great selection of these types of cards. Thank you so much."
"I love, love, love your cards! I have order 20 cards this month and have personalized most of them. That is what I love most about your site. I ordered a 95th birthday, a cat sitting card, son's birthday cards, friend's birthday cards, etc. The artist's have been very accommodating too. I am so pleased with all the cards I received. Keep up the good work!"
I discovered Greeting Card Universe about 18 months ago, after not being able to find a Hannakah card at the local Hallmark Store. They had had them in previous years, though a limited selection. Greeting Card Universe offers me a wide variety of cards for all occasions, including Hannakah and Passover. Also I'm able to select cards that reflect the interests of the friends and relatives that I send cards too. Example: we have friends who have Golden Retrievers, my sister in law and 2 friends love cats. The cards are just as nice as those found in local stores plus I can usually purchase them at a lower price and get free shipping.
"This is the third time I have ordered cards from Greeting Cards Universe. I order about 100 at a time (I have a large family that just keeps getting bigger) and I love cats so they all expect I will send a card with a cat. I usually get tired before I get through picking all the cards with cats and when I receive them it is so hard to send them as they are so beautiful I had to part with them! You have an endless supply of truly unique card that are all exquisite."
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