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Lady and Spooky
Monday, July 15, 2024

We never thought we were cat peopleÖ.at least not until Spooky the Halloween Cat moved into our home. My husband first noticed him sneaking down the steps of our swimming pool, looking for a drink of water during the hot Arizona summer. By Halloween we adopted the affectionate feline and he moved indoors.

Several years later (November 2008) we brought a new puppy into our home. We named her Lady, and she is an Australian Shepherd. Spooky never liked other cats, but he was always fascinated with dogs. When we babysat a friendís lab, Spooky wanted to play, so we werenít concerned about adding a dog to our family.

On Ladyís first night with us, Spooky assumed the role of nanny. When she awoke, frightened and missing her mama, Spooky joined her in the den and began circling the room, young puppy in tow. It reminded me of a parade. He then wanted out of the room, and when I closed the door he quickly stuck his paw under the door, and began playing with Lady, getting her to chase his paw from one side of the door to the other.

They have been playing ever since.

I have two stores at Greeting Card Universe, Lady and Spooky and Painted Flowers, which is a more eclectic assortment of cards. I also have a shop at Zazzle. Thanks for visiting!
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I love your story about Lady and Spooky, it made me smile right away. I adore your cards, they are so cute and so much fun! You have great talent in creating them.
Best wishes always,

Brenda  |  October 22, 2009
Fun cards Bobbie!!
Tom  |  September 05, 2009
Being an avid pet lover myself I think you have some very cute cards, good luck here.
RITMO BOXER  |  August 09, 2009