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It's a Beautiful World!

Welcome to "It's a Beautiful World!" You'll like it here! It's easy and fun. Stock up on cards for upcoming holidays and occasions or have Greeting Card Universe send a single card directly to someone for only the additional cost of a stamp. Cards can easily be personalized at no charge as you add cards to your shopping basket. Change or delete the inside verse, if you want. To quickly find a card in a category, click on the list of categories or keywords or use the search box in the left column. I can also change or create a card for you. Just contact me on the link below.
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I Miss You card
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Hi Catherine! I have enjoyed your designs for a long time and love your photography!

Sue Nollmeyer/SueshineStudio
guest  |  October 04, 2016
Love your cards-wonderful photography!
Sharon  |  September 19, 2012
Hi Catherine - your cards are lovely. One of your striking kitten cards is being featured on my blog this week. You can view it here: News of Photography. Thank you for sharing your work on GCU!
Peggy  |  June 29, 2011
Hi Catherine, one of your beautiful cards is being featured for the May/June Issue of My Point of View the Salon of Art online Newsletter; you'll find the link here:
Examples of Winning Photographs

Doreen  |  May 18, 2011
Wonderful collection of lovely cards.
Janet  |  May 11, 2011
Great card selection! I especially like the Lily of the Valley image (one of my fave flowers).
Peggy  |  February 19, 2011
Hey Catherine - Thank you so much for your support and kind words, I'm always thrilled if one of my illustrations brings a smile to someone's face haha.

I love seeing all of the different work people create on GCU and I have to say I love your photographs! The 3 kittens and the sourpuss cards are a couple of my favourite ones. The colours in the flower photos as well look amazing.

Beautiful stuff!!!

Rachel :o)
Rachel  |  December 17, 2010
Hi Catherine,
I love your store- your photography is superb!!!!

All the best to you:)

Lindsey  |  May 07, 2010
Beautiful store, wonderful assortment of cards, you are a good photographer............Norval/luv apples cardshop
Norval  |  May 04, 2010
I enjoy looking at your beautiful cards. Such fascinating photography.
guest  |  December 04, 2009
Hi Catherine
Thank You for your kind words in my store. Your photographs are stunning and you have such wonderful cards. I especially love the Cardinals, we don`t have them here in UK, what a wonderful Red colour! The puppy is soooo cute, what a little charmer! :-)
Karen - Karen`s Kreations Card Store
Karen  |  October 07, 2009
ohmygoodness, girl, vibrant colors and i know you are a patient soul to get those beautiful animal photos. Thanks for sharing your talent. ~ annie @ annie's art 4u
Annmarie  |  September 15, 2009
Thanks for leaving a nice comment on one of my cards. Thought I'd stop by and see your store and I am so glad that I did. You have such wonderful cards--I especially love the cardinal (my favorite bird) and the Texas themed cards (I'm a Texan). Your cards are just delightful and beautiful. Kathy
Kathy  |  July 08, 2009
Such a delightful way of looking at the world. Simply wonderful.
Jeff  |  July 07, 2009
Hi - Your cards are very nice and I wish you much success here at GCU! - Peace be with You -
Nilla -
guest  |  May 02, 2009
What a gorgeous selection of cards. Truly beautiful work.
Delores  |  April 28, 2009
Your cards are beautiful and so creative. I'm new with GCU and it is inspiring to see such great work! Jami
jami  |  April 24, 2009
I love all of your photographs, especially the cats but I think my favorite other than beautiful Utah is your robin on the fence! You have a very patient eye!

Sandy J
guest  |  April 14, 2009
Hi welcome to GCU, nice start to you store!

Bill  |  April 14, 2009
Hi Cathie,
So glad to find your store, to meet majestic Malcolm, and admire your 'beautiful world'. I too love the photo of the cardinal on the branch with it's vibrant color and the Fathers Day card with the little girl holding his hand.
Wishing you every success here at GCU.
Pamela  |  April 10, 2009
Your frozen cardinal caught my eye as it flashed by on the home page so I had to stop in and welcome you to GCU. Nice card set so far too Cath. Good luck in this venture. It's a nice way to share our work.

Tom at Comical Captions
Tom  |  April 05, 2009