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Hello and Welcome to our American Military Card Store! We are excited to display our collection of Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines Corps photos and art here at our Greeting Card Universe online internet shop. Most of the pictures are collected official Department of Defense photos taken by professional military combat photographers. Please, scroll down and explore the many different cards we have available. So enjoy, and thank you for visiting our store.

Besides paper greeting cards, you can also send any of our cards as FlipEcards on Facebook. Just go to... ...and in the "Search Card" area type in "AmericanMilitary" (as one word without a space). Our cards will be the only ones to pop up and then you can send any of them as FlipEcards on Facebook.

If you are interested in shirts, mugs, framed prints and other gifts with these photos, you may also want to check out our...
American Military Shops website, our American Military Shops Facebook site, the U.S. Military and Supporting Our Troops section of our Freedom Express Online Gift Shop, the American Military Colllection section of C. Willie's Creations & Collections, and our American Military Printfection Store. We're sure you'll like them all!

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1 - 3 of 3 cardsPages: 1           

Hello Bill. I think your store theme and cards are wonderful.
Looking forward to seeing your store grow and fill with these.

Lj Maxx
Lj  |  May 16, 2010