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Thank you for visiting Paulo's Card Store. Shopping here is very user friendly. Cards are arranged by category, so you can easily find those best suited for your needs. With card offerings for cancer patients, as well as people wrestling with a host of other conditions, I fill the niche between ‘get well’ and ‘sympathy’. You can find contemporary holiday and special occasion cards here as well. From time to time, check the 'Bulletin' and 'Private Gallery' to read about my projects, and see the cards designed for special occasions that don't appear in my general collection. Please make yourself at home. I’m glad you stopped by.
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I love you card
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I love your cards. They are touching and heartwarming. Frequently, it is so difficult to find just the right words for those that are facing life threatening illnesses. Your cards capture just the right tone and words. Thank you for your sensitivity. The children's cards are wonderful too. They are happy, uplifting, and make me smile just looking at them. Please continue to create beautiful, thought-provoking cards!
guest  |  May 04, 2012
Hi Paulo! What an amazing store you have. I love your beautiful and heartwarming cards. Best of luck to you and I hope your cards will touch many lives! Cat www.greetingcarduniverse/cateresacardstore
Samara  |  October 18, 2011