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Welcome! ALLMarkMade Designs is expanding its creative services to now include greeting cards. Celebrating life's simple and, all too, understated joys: love, inspiration, success, and just making it another day. The genres and themes are as varied as there are emotions. Right words. ALLMarkMade Designs creative team challenges itself to make the intangible tangible - turn feelings into words. Those moments when your stomach flutters with teenage giddiness when touching your husband's hand; or when you want to celebrate life... it's all here. Right emotions. The custom graphics are evocative and intimate. ALLMarkMade Designs' team thoughtfully uses custom images to bring a visual dimension to the tone, quality, and depth of emotions everyone experiences. Right now. Get yours today! ALLMarkMade Designs cards are available for purchase in any quantity. Feeling inspired? USE YOUR WORDS INSTEAD OF OURS - AT NO EXTRA COST! ALLMarkMade Designs artists know how moving the card artwork can be. If you are feeling a card's graphic art but feel moved to personalize the message on the inside, replace the existing text with you own words. Have an upcoming celebration, event, or holiday that you want a personalized to spread your words? ALLMarkMade Designs will take orders to create the graphic and text that represent your message and emotions.
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Welcome to GCU. You have a terrific start to this great store. That "Natural Lady" is sure a winner, and I just love that "Past Life Love" card. Marvelous work.
Delores  |  November 17, 2009
Your Natural Woman card is right on the money - great beginning on GCU. Best of luck! Carol
Carol  |  November 14, 2009
I just LOVE your Past Life Love card! I've made it a favorite! Good luck to you, your art is refreshing and I wish you much success!
Doreen at Salon Of Art
Doreen  |  November 13, 2009
Welcome to GCU love the card looking forward to seing a lot more :) good luck and huge hugs -Moonie-
Tanya  |  November 12, 2009