Thursday, August 27th

Camping Out

In 1978, newspapers reported Bigfoot sightings in Hartford County, Maryland according to Robert Chance, an environmental education teacher at a local high school who claimed to have circumstantial evidence and had actually met the crypto-creature. Chance believes Bigfoot is intelligent, fears humans and walks around the Appalachian mountain region, hidden in the thick forests. He faces a great deal of criticism, but has faith that one day, his belief in Bigfoot will be vindicated.

If you decide to have a camping party in the woods, you don’t need to worry about Bigfoot crashing the fun when you send unique Kids Birthday Party/Camping Out Invitations. Just order on-line, add the date and times and we’ll put your invites in the mail the next business day.

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  1. Hi
    Camping out as a birthday celebration would be also very good idea. I think need to give a try.

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