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Design Challenge Winner, September 2020, Holiday Spirit – Tammy Moody


What was your inspiration for your winning card? Please walk us through the process of
how this card went from an idea to a greeting card. 

I just wanted to create a Christmas card that spoke to 2020. I basically imagined Santa
going from house to house this year- and it occurred to me that there is no way he could
ever practice safe social distancing going into hot spots! Lol Then, I thought Nope- he
can skip me this year- I’ll buy my own gift. Then I thought I needed to use a sarcastic or
wisecracking animal and what better animal than a cat to do that. So, I searched for
images of cats in Santa hats and found one immediately and everything just sort of fell
into place.


Holiday card sales are picking up.  Which of your card designs do you predict will be
your best seller this year and why?

Well, I think Product ID: 1550210 will probably be one of my best sellers because it’s a
patriotic themed card with a snowy landscape that features a little country snowman, an
old barn, and a red truck. I really like these kinds of cards myself and after the year we
have had, people need something that takes them out of the moment and reminds them
of things that are relaxing and good in life.

Strange year this year with COVID-19.  How has this impacted your work as an artist?
For me, I just tried to concentrate on Covid-19 related cards mostly and thinking of you
cards this year because people were so isolated and they needed relevant cards to
send to friends and loved ones. I think my heart was lent to the families who have lost
loved ones and to the healthcare workers who were putting their lives on the line to take
care of those affected. I just wanted to contribute to people in some way and this was
one way I could do that.


You have created some COVID-19 themed cards.  Which is your favorite and why?
I think my favorite Covid-19 related card is Product ID: 1609146 because it features a
a group of cows who look like they are getting ready to walk in a grid across the pasture
to find some form of human life. I have cattle and they do come and look for you if you
are not where you are supposed to be at a certain time of day. Anyone who has cows
could attest to this. I love animals, so this one is just personal and funny to me.

Ok, now for the fast five, fun questions …Sour candy … love it or hate it?
Absolutely, love lemon sours!

What is your best scar story?
I was bitten by a copperhead when I was four and I have a large scar on my foot from
that. We were swimming at a river while vacationing in Missouri when it bit me. We were
50 miles away from a doctor, so my oldest sister had to make a tourniquet and use it on
my foot to keep the venom from spreading very quickly. My Dad threw all the kids in the
station wagon and sped over the hills to the nearest doctor’s office. I think I was in
better shape than my seven siblings by the time we got to the doctor’s office because
they were all car sick from the wild ride.


Are you a traveler or a homebody?
I am a homebody. I like to take a two-week vacation about once a year, but aside from
that I stick close to home. I have lots of animals, so I like to be there and take care of
them. I liked to travel all over when I was young, but not so much anymore.


What is your greatest irrational fear?
I worry about my kids way too much. My kids say I watch too much Dateline because I
am forever asking them if they have their pepper spray with them or if they are going out
with a group of people and not going places alone. They ridicule me a lot over it, but I
just want them to be safe.


If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?
I would be a potato. I’m kind of complex, but stable. People can count on me to be there
and find comfort and support when they need it.

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