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Baby’s First Christmas – Tips for a Special Season

Sometimes adults forget about the magic of Christmas and focus only on the chores of Christmas, setting a hectic schedule for themselves and missing out on the beauty. For adults, Christmas is about decorating, cooking, and shopping. With all the pressure to make a perfect holiday, it’s easy to forget about the magic of the season. But you only need to look at the face of a child to remember that this is a season of love, joy, and wonderment.

New parents can have fun starting Christmas traditions. Maybe these traditions are continuations of their own family’s traditions, or new ones started just for their family.

In some families, all members wear a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve. As the child gets older, you can add a snack and a Christmas movie or book to the tradition. A cuddle on the couch in new pjs and a good book — what could be better?

And, of course, everyone needs a stocking with their name on it! In some families, stocking gifts are opened Christmas Eve; other families wait until Christmas morning.

Remembrance ornament can serve as a wonderful keepsake. It’ll be the first ornament each child puts on the tree each year. And it can be the first ornament on their own tree once they’re on their own.

Many towns have Christmas lighting displays in their downtown shopping areas where merchants decorate with seasonal displays. Nothing reminds you of the magic of the season like watching it through the eyes of a child!

A visit to Santa is a must! Things to keep in mind trying for the best picture: go after your child’s nap, bring a toy to distract them, and bring a back-up outfit for baby in case of a spit-up accident.

Make sure everyone is able see what your new little one looks like by sharing your baby’s photo with family and friends with a Christmas photo card

Most important, relax and enjoy each and every day of the Christmas season! And here’s hoping that, with all the excitement and merriment, this Christmas season brings you at least one silent night!

Baby’s First Christmas

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