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Terrific Twisted Facts About Candy Canes

The red-and-white striped candy cane has become a potent symbol of Christmas, but the sugar confection is surrounded by a confusion of legend and historical evidence. Here are some of the truths and myths regarding this favourite seasonal treat.

LEGEND: The candy cane was invented by a 19th century candy maker in Illinois to symbolize the birth of Christ (white) and the scourging and crucifixion (red).

LEGEND: A late 17th century German choirmaster invented the candy cane to help keep the children in his choir occupied during services. The crook-shape of the stick was a symbol of Christ in His role as shepherd.

These folklore tales may be charming, but they’re apocryphal; unfortunately, there is no documentation or historic fact that either of them are true.

Christmas cards and illustrations from the 19th century show the holiday candy as a simple white stick without the red stripes expected to be seen today. The peppermint flavor and red stripes were added by early 20th century American confectioners as an improvement on the product.

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