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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, observed in the United States as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as internationally, for the purpose of raising awareness of breast cancer and support for cancer charities.

“People go through challenging moments of losing people
and of having their life threatened from illness and real grief.
But they get through it. And that’s the testament to the human spirit
and it’s – we are fragile, but we also are divine.”
—–Sheryl Crow

Communities around the country organize fund raisers for local and international cancer charities. A symbol of the campaign is the color pink and/or a pink ribbon.

According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 225,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and almost 40,000 will lose their lives. While modern treatments have improved survival rates, early detection by screening and testing remains the first line of defense. Many charities benefiting from Breast Cancer Awareness Month provide  programs offering low-cost mammograms to the poor.

When a a loved one, family member, relative, friend, or co-worker is diagnosed with cancer, offering encouragement and support is important, but a patient may not feel up to talking on the phone, replying to e-mails or social network messages, or receiving visitors. Staying in touch with greeting cards allows you to send comfort, hope, and positive support, and provides a lifeline to someone who may be feeling isolated and lonely.

Greeting Card Universe offers a unique collection of cards designed for cancer patients including Get Well/Feel Better for Cancer Patients, Encouragement for Family and Friends of Cancer Patients, and Congratulations – End of Chemo. All cards can be personalized with your own message and photo on the inside.

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