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Save a Life – Adopt

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month in the United States. Adopting a cat (or dog) from your local shelter or rescue group will not only save a life, but provide you with the companionship and love only a pet can give.

According to the American Humane Society, every year during “kitten season” – that means spring and early summer, like now – thousands of newborn kittens flood already crowded shelters.

Before you consider adopting a kitten, here are a few things to do to help ensure Fluffy’s new home is kitten proof (and also puppy proof):

Put electric and power cords out of reach. If not possible, paint the cords with bitter apple (found at pet supply stores) to discourage chewing.

Keep oil lamps and candles out of reach to prevent kittens from knocking them over and creating a fire hazard or getting themselves burned. Remember, fur + fire = bad!

Store all ties, elastic bands, ribbons, plastic bags, cleaning chemicals, laundry detergents and bleach, flammable materials like gasoline, kerosene, etc., toothpicks, wooden skewers, and other objects that may be poisonous or cause a choking hazard.

Not all houseplants are safe. Some are very toxic to cats. Don’t leave any houseplant in a kitten’s reach, even if you think it’s okay. Better safe than sorry.

Cat World has more Kitten Proofing Tips & Tricks so you can keep the newest members of your family safe and happy.

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