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Create lifelong customers & Increase sales

with our proven gift reminder solution

Create and Capitalize on Non-Holiday Commerce Opportunities
BigDates helps companies create and capitalize on marketing opportunities surrounding birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. As more and more companies engage in email marketing during the holidays, and as it becomes increasingly difficult to rise above the holiday marketing noise, the leading retailers will be those that find more 'exclusive' opportunities to showcase their products and services.

A Turn Key Solution
Our Enterprise Solution can be turnkey or customized to your needs.

Enterprise Level Solution
 » Maximum customization
 » Extensive integration
 » Custom fees and terms
 » Extended tech support
 » Reminders marketing support
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A private label reminder service powered by BigDates includes all the features and functionality required to create a service your customers will use and love for years:
»Email and cell phone reminders
»Birthday requester (viral)
»Address book import utility
»Desktop wallpaper with 'big dates'
»Monthly wall calendars with 'big dates'
»Laminated wallet card with 'big dates'

To add depth to the service, Client's products can be supplemented with services from the BigDates platform:
»Paper Greeting Cards
»Gifts and Comparison Shopping

The Right Products to the Right Customer at the Right Time
A reminder service powered by BigDates provides your customers with a needed service while simultaneously providing your marketing team with an easy and cost effective way to present appropriate products to customers as they prepare to make a gift purchase. Break away from the pack and enjoy a boost in sales - every day of the year!

Who can benefit?
Any company interested securing a long-term advantage over its competition can greatly benefit by deploying a reminder service powered by BigDates.

»Retailers, Comparison Shopping sites, and Gifting businesses
»Content sites and Online Publishers
»Wireless Phone Providers, ISPs, and Social Networking sites
»Event-driven businesses

Partner Benefits
»Increase sales/revenues by capturing event driven shopping traffic - communicate with your customers when they are in 'buy mode'
»Improve customer retention by creating more loyal and active customers
»Lock in customers now before they sign up for a competing reminder service
»Acquire new customers at no cost via Birthday Requester viral growth
»Reinforce your brand with branded reminder emails, wallpaper & pocket card
»Smooth out your sales cycle - In aggregate birthdays are larger than holidays
»Differentiate your business/product/service from the competition by adding valuable and appreciated services to the mix
»Participate in new revenue streams by becoming a one-stop-shop for all event related transactions - Gifts, Cards, and Egreetings

Build vs. Buy
It's not difficult to find examples of home-grown reminder services (Amazon.com, Kmart.com, Nordstroms.com) but most of them are lacking in features and functionality, and in many cases not delivering to their full potential. BigDates Reminder Services are the product of five years of learning about consumer needs in the area of reminders. We are sharply focused and 100% dedicated to providing our partners with the most up-to-date, most cost effective reminder service possible. This is all we do!

Our platform evolves with the marketplace for the benefit of all of our partners. The BigDates branded service serves as a low risk test bed, allowing us to test new features with no risk to our partners. If time to market and ROI are important to your business, then BigDates reminder services is the smart choice. We can have your service tested and running in less than 30 days.

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