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National Compliment Day

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A compliment, small or large, is always welcome. As long as it’s sincerely given, a compliment can turn a bad day around or make a good day even better.

Started by Debbie Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlain in 1998, both of New Hampshire, National Compliment Day is a way to share with the people in your life how much you appreciate them. From your sister, who always drops everything at a moment’s notice to babysit, to the bagger at the grocery store who always has a smile for you, there are people in your everyday life who make it better. And perhaps we don’t always show them how much their actions mean to us.

“A compliment is verbal sunshine” Robert Orben

The above quote was written by Robert Orben, a comedy writer for Dick Gregory, Red Skelton, and Jack Paar, among others, and who also served as a speechwriter for President Ford.

The benefits of complimenting someone are manifold: makes people feel better, lifts their spirits, makes a positive connection between the two of you, and creates in people a positive sense of themselves. And who knows? You’ll likely get some compliments back!

The best kind of compliment is specific and sincere. “You look nice today.” is too vague. Specify that the color of their shirt brings out their eyes, for example. Even better than a compliment about their looks would be one about their actions. Does your co-worker always have a cheerful greeting for you? Does the checkout person always make sure your eggs are securely protected in the bag? Did a staff member get a project done early? Letting them know could make their day! And you’ll feel great, too.

Go ahead — give a compliment or two today!

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