Wednesday, October 29th

Cat-Astrophic Halloween

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
Author Unknown

On National Cat Day, we ask: why are black cats in ;articular associated with Halloween (October 31)? A midnight-furred kitty, yellow eyed, spiky, back arched and howling, has become a highly visible and immediately identifiable Halloween symbol. While felines have been objects of superstition for thousands of years, what’s the connection with the spookiest holiday of the year?

Black: The color black is, in many cultures, symbolic of death, darkness and/or evil. Humans fear the unknown because the dark hides unseen dangers.

Nocturnal: Cats are nocturnal predators, hunting prey once darkness has fallen. They’ve got excellent night vision, are light on their feet, quiet, and enjoy hiding in ambush. These qualities make some people feel uneasy around cats and likely helped give rise to the cat’s history as an object of of both reverence and fear.

Witches: It was believed in some parts of the world that when threatened, a witch could turn herself into a cat. Particularly in Europe and North America, black cats—the color of evil—became witches’ familiars, their servants who assisted them in committing bad deeds and casting curses. Cats are also associated more with female/women and were believed to have special powers, further enhancing the connection to witchcraft.

Because of these associations, many superstitions have arisen about our feline friends.

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  1. Cestitke M says:

    Cats are beautiful friends, even though they are black, although I like black cats most of all. Having them as part of a greeting card just makes a card even more appealing.

  2. I like this website so much it’s really awesome.I have also gone through your other posts too and they are also very much appreciate able and I’m just waiting for your next update to come as I like all your posts.

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