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ready for the test, essay, study, student, studying, essay, midterm, final, university, college, school

queen of the hive, queen bee, social, clique

queen bee, queen of the hive, social, popular, clique
ready for the test
queen of the hive
queen bee

pissed off, angry, thundercloud, frustrated, mad, irritated, moody, PMS

no guts no glory, army, soldier, navy, air force, marines, marine corps, jarhead, courage, support

my head hurts, voodoodle, goth, vampire, voodoo doll, complain, don't understand, understanding, confused, baffle
pissed off
no guts no glory
my head hurts

kaboom, anger, frustrated, sad, moody, mood swing, thundercloud

gotta study, studying, study, student, university, school, college, midterm, essay, test

forked it up, sorry, fucked up, fuck up, apology, messed up, funny, humour, humor, humorous, word play, pun
gotta study
forked it up

fork majeure, force majeure, funny, humour, humor, humorous, word play, pun

f-bomb, fuck, fuck you, fucker, drop the f-bomb

doody happens, shit happens, c'est la vie
fork majeure
doody happens

dont believe it, poop, poot, sucks, crap, shit, sad, I has a sad

cookie monster, snack, cookie, chocolate chip, virtual cookie, treat

chill pill, zen, monkey, chill out, calm down, don't blow your o-ring, funny, humour, humor, humorous, word play, pun
dont believe it
cookie monster
chill pill

chicken champion, game, gamer, winner, funny, humour, humor, humorous, word play, pun

cant go out, study, studying, test, midterms, essay, report, review, school, student, university

brain thinking cap, idea, funny, humour, humor, humorous, word play, pun
chicken champion
cant go out
brain thinking cap

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