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Now you can order your cards online at Greeting Card Universe and pick up your card order conveniently the same day, usually within 1 hour, at a local Target or Bartell Drugs store near you. There are over 900 Target stores throughout the United States, and 59 Bartell Drugs stores in the Seattle area with In-store pickup capability.

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In-store Pick-up

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What is in-store pickup?

Instead of having your cards mailed to you or directly to someone else, with standard delivery taking 3 to 10 business days from ship date, you can order your cards online, select a store of your choice and your cards will be printed for you to pickup at that location, usually within 1 hour. This is available during store hours only. Only one shipping location and delivery option can be selected per order. Orders exceeding cards are not eligible for in-store pickup. Certain promotions and card credits cannot be applied to in-store pickup orders.

What is the delivery time?

Orders are usually printed the same day for pickup within 1 hour. This will vary depending on store hours and time of day your order is placed.

What stores are available to me for in-store pickup?

Currently there are over 900 Target stores throughout the United States and 59 Bartell Drugs stores in the Seattle area available for in-store pickup. See above to find a store of your choice.

How will I know when my cards are ready?

Once the cards have been printed at your local store of choice you will receive an email notifying you that your order is ready to be picked up. You can also check the Order History link from your order confirmation email, or by logging into your account.

Is the price of the cards the same for all delivery options?

Yes, the price of the cards is the same regardless of your chosen delivery options.

The pricing of our cards can be found at Card Pricing.

How do I pay for the cards when I choose in-store pickup?

You pay when you pick up the order at the store. Upon checkout on, you will be presented with the amount due when you pick up your order at the store. This amount will not include any applicable taxes.

How are returns handled?

All returns are handled by the store where you picked up your order, not by Greeting Card Universe. Technical questions about delivery options, quality of cards, website navigation and usage can be addressed to Greeting Card Universe at or by calling 877-347-6784.

Are there any additional fees involved like handling or processing fees?

There are no additional fees for this added convenience.

Mailed Directly

In-store Pickup

Is the card quality the same for mailing directy from Greeting Card Universe and In-store pickup?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. The card quality for in-store pickup is very good although there is a minor difference in paper weight. The cardstock used for in-store pickup is 100 lb. Kodak duplex greeting card paper as compared to 111 lb. greeting card paper used by Greeting Card Universe. Note: 100 lb. paper weight is the most common stock used for greeting cards and can be compared to the weight of an average index card. If you desire premium cardstock we suggest you have your cards mailed directly from Greeting Card Universe. Additionally in-store pickup cards are only available in a matte finish while direct from Greeting Card Universe offers both matte and glossy finishes. Lastly cards via in-store pickup are all printed with a tasteful white border around the entire front image design.

Will I still be able to use all customization and personalization features?

Absolutely. There are no changes or compromises to our robust card selection and options. You can even still work with artists to create that customized, special greeting card.

Do the cards come with blank envelopes?

Yes. One blank envelope per card ordered is included in the price. Envelopes do not have any addressing or other writing on them.